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  1. Jim Wilde

    Nubie Questions: Lightroom Mobile for iOS Offline?

    No, you're doing nothing wrong. Folders do not "sync", only images inside a folder can be synced (a synced collection may well consist of images that are in multiple different folders, so the collection and its images can be marked to sync, but the containing folders cannot). The files...
  2. Jim Wilde

    Problems between the App Photo Summary and Lightroom Classic

    It's in the Export Settings dialog which you see when exporting files:
  3. Jim Wilde

    Problems between the App Photo Summary and Lightroom Classic

    You don't mention your export settings, that is the place that allows you to control what metadata is included in the exported file. Specifically in the Metadata section of the Export Settings dialog you need to ensure that "All Metadata" is selected from the "Include" drop-down list. There's...
  4. Jim Wilde

    Using DNGs to backup edited photos to external storage?

    If you don't have access to a PC or Mac, I think that's the ONLY way to do this. It's certainly what I would be doing if I'm ever out in an area with no internet connection and with only a phone and iPad with me. I'd be copying all new captures to an external drive as well as importing them into...
  5. Jim Wilde

    Nubie Questions: Lightroom Mobile for iOS Offline?

    When you sync a Classic catalog with the cloud, a copy of all images already in the cloud will automatically download into the Classic catalog and will be stored on a local hard drive (you can specify the exact location and choose a date-based folder scheme via the options in the Classic...
  6. Jim Wilde

    Nubie Questions: Lightroom Mobile for iOS Offline?

    0) I don't understand. If you are using LrClassic then you already have a subscription, and that subscription includes LrMobile. So there would be no need to run the free version (which would be a dumb thing to do anyway if you are hoping to get the images to LrC, as the free version does not...
  7. Jim Wilde

    JPEG export lost GPS data

    As well as "Include All Metadata", is "Remove Location Info" checked or unchecked? It needs to be unchecked if GPS data is to be included in the exported file.
  8. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom plan with 1TB External Editors?

    Russ, I think you may have chosen the wrong Lightroom subscription plan. There are two basic plans currently on offer: 1. The Lightroom plan with 1TB of cloud storage. Does not include Photoshop or Lightroom Classic, and as you've discovered it has no plug-in or external editor support (apart...
  9. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom mobile folder auto upload

    I've noticed there's now more of a delay in Classic in syncing adjustments. It used to be immediately after releasing a slider, but now there's more a delay (sensible in my view). But in LrD the only issues I keep running into concern trying to sync AI masks, but that doesn't easily clear (got a...
  10. Jim Wilde

    Using LRC but want certain images available on other computers, iPhone, etc

    If you are using the same catalog on both systems from an external drive, there's no point in being able to see the synced images from the cloud, as they are still available in the catalog. Or are you implying that although the catalog would be available to both systems the actual images...
  11. Jim Wilde

    Using LRC but want certain images available on other computers, iPhone, etc

    1. Possibly. You can sync photos that are not into a collection to the cloud (by adding them to the All Synced Photographs special collection), but it is usually easier and more organised to place the images that you want in the cloud into a collection and sync that collection. 2. No. Photos...
  12. Jim Wilde

    Library module How to check aspect ratio of pano

    Dan, it's a joke. Read the original post carefully.....
  13. Jim Wilde

    Uninstall LR 6.14

    Uninstalling 6.14 will have no impact on LrC.
  14. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom mobile folder auto upload

    You need to figure out where the syncing delay is happening. Photos synced from LrMobile (or any Lightroom app) only upload to the cloud server, and it's from there that they become available to download to the other Lightroom clients and LrClassic. So, next time you upload from LrM and there's...
  15. Jim Wilde

    Develop module Add a border

    You can do that in the Print Module, using the Print to Jpeg option. For much greater flexibility you could use the Lr/Mogrify2 export plug-in:
  16. Jim Wilde

    Memories Style Montages - like Windows or iPhone

    But that also means that Windows Photos will only be able to show you the original unedited versions of your images....that may not matter to you of course, but it would certainly bother me!
  17. Jim Wilde

    Collections query

    You say that "nothing happens at all" when you control-click on a parent folder. Do you not see the standard context sub-menu when you do that? What about if you right-click using you mouse or trackpad?
  18. Jim Wilde

    "My Locations" in Map Module

    And if you need to have that option checked, understand that while LrC switches to the Lightroom Settings folder as the ongoing source of all user-created presets (such as Locations, Metadata Presets, Export Presets, Import Presets, etc.) it doesn't actually copy any existing user-created...
  19. Jim Wilde

    adding text to exported pictures

    I really don't recall having done anything like that, but the way my memory is going these days it doesn't mean I didn't!
  20. Jim Wilde

    adding text to exported pictures

    The only problem I've had is related to Fonts for added text (the previously used font appears to have been moved by Apple to a different location, and that throws an error). Easy enough to select a different font, though I've yet to fully understand where all fonts are located now in MacOS. I...
  21. Jim Wilde

    Location of recent catalogs list

    You might try renaming that test catalog so that it doesn't initially appear in the Select Catalog dialog, to see which other catalog it auto-selects. I checked last night and it appears that my Win10 installation is now finally behaving itself after many years of errant behaviour, but I've made...
  22. Jim Wilde

    Exporting photos from Catalog

    This plug-in from Jeffrey Friedl is one method:
  23. Jim Wilde

    "My Locations" in Map Module

    Where are looking to find a "Saved Locations" folder? If you are referring to the "Saved Locations" panel in the Map Module, they will only show what are stored in a sub-folder called "Locations" alongside all the other standard Lightroom presets, i.e. the saved locations are not stored IN the...
  24. Jim Wilde


    Absolutely nothing.....until you forget it's enabled and you unintentionally apply some edits to a whole bunch of selected images, while thinking you were editing only one. Even worse when it's not realised until after LrC has been closed, so "Undo" is no longer possible, so all the images that...
  25. Jim Wilde

    Search & Replace in Filename (on Disk)

    Did you not understand the screenshot that I posted earlier? It shows how, using the available features of the LrC Filename Template Editor, it is a simple task to do what you appear to want. Using the very simple template that I constructed it converted filename "20211129_IMG_2722.jpg" to...