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  1. jjlad

    Library displaying names of files that aren't shown

    Hi there, This just started happening a few minutes ago. In Grid View the borders display this: but hovering on the image in the grid, displays only the NEF: Loupe View displays only the NEF. The JPG exists on disk but when I Synchronize Folder, there is nothing to sync. so I can't even...
  2. jjlad

    Lightroom Slideshow Pan and Zoom is jerky

    Hi there, Despite my system being adequately spec'd for video, this particularly useful feature in LR Classic, produces jerky pans and zooms. I have the quality set to Hight, but that didn't really improve it much from Standard. Also, it looks like it has been a very long time since Adobe...
  3. jjlad

    Preference Control for Compare View

    Compare View defaults to showing the modified image on the left and original on the right, and offers the ability to flip them via the arrow below them. Personally, my mind prefers original left and modified right since processing is a progression. Is there any way to set LR so the original is...
  4. jjlad

    Can't lock zoom in Compare view if images are of different dimensions

    Hi there, Just received 300+ photos to edit. Most are crops so resolutions are low. ENHANCE does a great job of giving me some meat to work with. Next comes the sharpening and noise reduction and I've been flipping the Enhanced DNG's that need that into Topaz Sharpen Ai as JPEGS to do it. Once...
  5. jjlad

    Getting back to where you were

    Hi there, Ok editing a picture and decide it should go into a smart collection that was started years ago. Thinking 'what are the criteria', so navigating to that collection I hit Edit and look at the parameters. Now to get back to that photo I was editing so I can establish those...
  6. jjlad

    File naming when using plugins

    So I got the Topaz bundle and am trying it on old noisy and soft photos. So far the DeNoise and Sharpen are 'ok' but no giant leaps over LR or PS, and I'm finding that using Enhance then applying a little noise reduction and sharpening in LR or CR or PS, results in a much better image than...
  7. jjlad

    Version 11.3 wouldn't even run

    Hi there, I got the CC update to 11.3 yesterday and "Updated All". Photoshop seems to work OK so far but not Lightroom Classic. I started it and it opened on a photo I was working on before the last shutdown. Then as soon as I tried to do further retouching on it LR locked up completely. I...
  8. jjlad

    Gmail not working again

    Hi there, The 11.2 has left me without the Gmail option again ...which is like the 10th time. It seems every time there is an update to Lightroom that I automatically install through CC, this happens and the process has to be set up again. I follow the steps outlined here...
  9. jjlad

    How to setup Lightroom to automatically remove Chromatic Aberration and apply the appropriate Lens Profile on import

    I kind of like backlit outdoor images and get minor CA on many of them. Lately the Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Lens Profiles in Lightroom, both seem to do an excellent job, so I trust them enough now to want those two steps applied during the import process by default. I read some...
  10. jjlad

    Photoshop Save a Copy as jpg resulting in really bad color

    Hi there, probably best to illustrate this. I'm just playing with some past photos to experiment with the new masking and create some Actions In this case I start with this photo in Lightroom which has some blown highlights and too much depth of field: I edit in Photoshop then Save as a Copy...
  11. jjlad

    Before and after not reaching back to the original

    So early yesterday morning a coyote strolled by in almost dark conditions. I shot at ISO200 to keep noise down In LRC I used the Auto for exposure and white balance and that did OK Then I cropped in much tighter, reduced noise, and sharpened the coyote. All those steps are in my History I...
  12. jjlad

    No controls for gradients

    On Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1526. LR Classic updated a day or so ago to ver 11.2 and now there are no controls (handles) for the linear or radial gradients. This makes adjusting them precisely very difficult. I don't see any options for turning them off so not sure how to resolve it. Is...
  13. jjlad

    New photos not identified

    Happy New Year all. OK, I'm having the same problem others have posted earlier. I can either have a camera connected via USB or insert the card. I select: Copy New Photos Don't Import Suspected Duplicates Despite that , EVERY PHOTO ON THE CARD (or CARDS if on USB and there are 2 in the camera)...
  14. jjlad

    Julienne Cost's website

    Hi there, Earlier today Julienne Cost ended her YouTube video "Introducing New Powerful & Precise Masking in Lightroom Classic" by saying something to the effect of "to see more of my tutorials visit my website at" That website came up as For Sale, so I inserted a comment after the...
  15. jjlad

    Tone Curve Panel question

    Hi there, For adjusting tone in my images, I normally just drag the different areas of the Histogram. For me that is easy to understand and easy to do. I'm puzzled however, that changes made using the Histogram or using the Basic panel, are not reflected in the Tone Curve. Anyone know why that is?
  16. jjlad

    How can I remove Perfectly Clear presets

    Hi there, I'm finding the Perfectly Clear presets perfectly useless I want to remove them because. Most of their features require a secondary purchase and wading through them to get to my own is annoying. I can't even seem to find any way to collapse the list of them. I'm actually a little...
  17. jjlad

    PDF Files question

    Hi there, I get all my model releases in PDF form, and often get a bio of the model or company I'm shooting for in PDF form as well. For simplicity, I file all those with the images for that particular photoshoot. Sometimes ...for proofing I make a little booklet for the customer that can be...
  18. jjlad

    Brush icons in the way

    Hi there, Is there a way to hide brush icons so they aren't in the way? Photoshop doesn't show them so I'm wondering why they have to be there in Lightroom. Here's an example: I find if I use multiple brushes everything gets cluttered when using any brushes so I'd like to find a way to hide...
  19. jjlad

    Google Photos plugin obtained from Adobe is not working at all

    Hi there, I have a bunch of photos I decided to archive on Google Photos. Google' own Upload option keeps crashing on Chrome, Chrome Incognito and even on Edge. I contacted their support so they are aware of their issue. I looked for another way and found this program being offered on Adobe...
  20. jjlad

    Can't save from Photoshop as a normal jpeg image

    I enhanced a jpg in photoshop so that I could crop in and not lose as much detail Once the dng was in Lightroom I selected Edit in/Photoshop. There I selected the subject onto a new layer then blurred the background I then flattened the image and went to the Save As dialog and found there is no...
  21. jjlad

    Managing Collections

    I have lots of old 'collections' and 'smart collections' that I don't need anymore. I don't want to delete the photos ...I just want to delete their presence in a collection and in many cases delete the collection without deleting the photos. I'm finding it very difficult to even get...
  22. jjlad

    Having Import problems

    Hi there, I must be doing something incorrectly with respect to importing. I got a new phone, a Samsung S21Ultra, which takes fairly decent photos so I'm using it as my walkaround/backpackaround etc. camera now instead of lugging an SLR. At first I was creating the necessary folder in Windows...
  23. jjlad

    Unable to register for the Summit from my laptop. Site totally blocked

    Tried numerous times. I am not having any problems accessing other sites. Even tried via an incognito window and got same result: Even though it appeared to be a warning, I still couldn't get past it to register on my laptop. Finally resorted to using my phone to register and that worked fine...
  24. jjlad

    Link in email about the Lightroom Virtual Summit just generates an error message

    I received the email about the Lightroom Summit. When I click the "by clicking here" link for more information I get this: I'm online and my internet is otherwise just fine. I'm not blocked on anything else.
  25. jjlad

    New Laptop coming at $2300 expense due to programming issue with LR

    Been having issues with LR crashing my computer when exporting files. It pins the CPU at 100% and then the temperatures of the CPU, GPU and Motheboard all start rising fast to 100 degrees Celsius and above and the laptop crashes totally. It appears this has irrevocably damaged my computer CPU...