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    Book Module annoyance

    Sometimes the Book Module of Lightroom behaves more than annoying. The layout of my books (I have created more than 50 with Lightroom) has the page numbering start with 4 on the page with the first photo. This time I wasn't able to do what I wanted, the page with the first photo was numbered 1...
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    Inserting "Title"-IPTC-field, when you have no Lightroom

    I am the webmaster of my Photoclub and want my colleages to enter a title in the Title-IPTC- field of their Photos to be published with a Lightroom web galley. Inserting this field in the WIN Explorer isn't functioning anymore because the entered data will land in a Microsoft nonstandard field...
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    Adobe should not stop my photography plan license when i temporarily have no internet connection

    Hello everybody, can i do anything in front to not loose the ability to work with LR and PS when i am traveling in a country, where an internet connection is not guarenteed, for example Ethiopia? I just loaded the new versions of LR and PS, does that mean that Adobe will not contact my computer...
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    Batch stitching lots of panoramas

    Hello, i shoot a lot of Panoramas of landscapes and buildings travelling around. Whereas i can automate the HDR Development in Photoshop with a PS Script "Batch HDR..." my trials with PTGUI and Autopano weren't successful. I also looked for an equivalent PS Script working on a folder containing...
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    Print Module, single image, Photo Info

    Hi, is there a possibility to format the photo info line beneath an image in the print module with control codes? I want to have the title left justified and the author right justified within the given white field of the template editor. Hanoman
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    Consolidating the History

    In some cases it makes sense to have all development steps in the History-Panel, but in others, e.g. educational environment in my photo-club, i want to have only the final position of a slider be visible und not all of my not so successful trials. I tried to save the metadata to disk and...
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    New functions in LR CC 2015 not yet usable

    Hi all, on my travels i shoot a lot of Panos and HDRs without a tripod. I was eager to to use the new Lr functions and was rather disappointed because in most cases LR refuses to work on these photos and i have to use PS, which does the work very tolerantly to the perspective failures i made. I...
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    Lightroom 5 and Windows Vista

    Hi, my Notebook is running windows vista. Is there a possibility to run Lightroom 5? The original RC-Version of Lightroom 5 was running on that computer. Hannes Löhr
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    Flash gallery changes font

    Hello, after an update of some Lightroom 4.4 Flash Galleries i observe a strange change of the photos title font. For example in manual or slideshow mode i get suddenly a font with serifes instead of the standard font without serifes. After that change, the weird font is used with all photos...
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    Flash Gallery on the web sporadically hangs loading pictures

    I use LR 4RC2 to generate the Flash Galleries. Some users of the website are now reporting that the gallery sometimes hangs loading the pictures with the progress bar not proceeding. The website is What can i do? Is this a known problem? Any hint is welcome. Hannes Loehr