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    Version 11.5 New update requests driver update Need to switch off request.

    Any one having problems with New Update 11.5 asking for video driver update ? Mine is and its not even the Video card in use ??? Any idea how to switch this off, its very annoying and doent happen on the previous 11.4.1 version ~ Checked for driver update both in windows and with manufacturer ~...
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    Lightroom to Photoshop Question

    If I move an image to Photoshop from Lightroom to edit it, the first time I move it and Photoshop opens Photoshop does not "Engage " the GPU. Close photoshop and reopen again , moving the image, this time Photoshop does "engage" the GPU. Its not a major issue but it is iritating. Lightroom and...
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    Develop module Is it possible to Nest Presets

    Is it possible to nest presets ~ ie Have a Folder named Historic Processes containing Individual Folders for Ambrotype, Albumen, Opalotype presets etc for example. I seem to remember being able to do this in early versions but not sure now. Any advice appreciated
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    Lightroom Classic plus Lightroom 6

    Is it possible to have the lightroom Classic Subscription but also keep the existing lIghtroom 6 Standalone perpetual on the same Computer.? Want to try the Subscription version but don't want to lose Lightroom 6 till I'm sure the new version is OK.
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    Version 6.13 update patch

    Finally managed to download the 6.13 Patch file ~ When it starts it gets to 1% or 2% then appears to freeze. I'm reluctant to just leave it and see what happens after what it appears could be long time, if in fact it ever completes as I don't want to damage a really well working 6.12 version...
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    6.13 Update for Perpetual

    Update to 6.13 does not appear when using help menu update ~ Creative cloud only shows update for Lightroom Classic CC. How do I get the update for perpetual version. Windows 10 6.12 Perpetual .
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    External Editor Settings

    How do I get the settings for a external editor to "stick"? At the moment if I change the File format from ( for example) PSD to TIFF in the preferences settings it all looks OK. I restart Lightroom and when I come to use that external editor it still comes up as the previous setting, No change...
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    Sharpen Question

    Is initial import into lightroom with a preset applying both Noise and Sharpening a good practice or a good idea ~ I've seen some indications that this is OK but it seems to me that it runs the risk of also sharpening the Noise.Anyone got experience or thoughts on this, guidance would be...