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  1. guido.coza

    merge catalogs??

    MY SSD packed up and I had to create a new LR catalog with the latest back-up from the original lightroom catalog (full catalog had smart preview and was too big for temp HD) Now I would like all the edits and pics from the new one incorporate in the "original" catalog. Can I just go >File>...
  2. guido.coza

    duplicate smart preview or??

    Hello evryone I am still busy trying to tidy up my Lightroom folder. In the first screen shot is the folder hierarchy. In column 2 from the left, first row is a folder repeated in column 3. From the "outside the look identical, however the one in column 3 is nearly double the size. The second...
  3. guido.coza

    how to remove keywords from a "Mother keyword"

    Hello all. For what ever reason, I must have pressed by accident "put all new keywords inside ...." instead of "delete"!!!! Now I am sitting with nearly 1000 pictures and keywords inside a keyword where they should not be. If I try to delete the "top" keyword, it warns me that "It contains...
  4. guido.coza

    smart preview missing after Apple ID logout

    Hello everybody. I barely missed a heart attack! I wanted log out of my apple ID because of very limited wifi and even though, a message showed I could not be logged out at this time, my whole desktop was whipped. On the desktop was the LR folder. everything was gone, However I was able to...
  5. guido.coza

    merge catalogs??

    I have two external hard drives. they have partially different pictures, but also many common ones. How can I load both hard drives into LR, without having a duplicate picture count. is making to catalogs, one fo each hard drive, and than merging the two an option, or is there a better way?
  6. guido.coza

    second hard drive same pictures.

    Hello everybody I would like to load my back-up drive into Lightroom. The drive has a 1 year old backup on. Many of the pics there I did delete off the working drive. Obviously quite a number of pics where added that are not backed up yet. How can I best add this volume to Lightroom without...
  7. guido.coza

    what happens to original if delete smart preview?

    I want to clean up my pictures, delete bad pics, out of focus, shaken or simply got better ones. I do this mainly at work (My own boss ((-: !) I do not want to take my external drive with every time. Do I go thru my pics and mark what I don't like anymore with a x, and than delete Is there a way...
  8. guido.coza

    where is the smart preview folder exactly?

    Hello everybody I back up my desktop on iCloud. The LR catalog is on the desktop. As I got a 1TB ssd now I can have a smart preview of my pics. However I want to EXCLUDE the smart preview from being loaded onto the cloud. What is the exact folder name for the smart previews, and where will I...
  9. guido.coza

    catalog merge how to choose main catalog

    Hi All I had to start one catalog from a back-up. this catalog somehow has no face recognition. The original catalog of this back-up, was on a crashed exHD with all/most (70k+ files)of the pics. The default catalog( if I open LR on laptop with no exHD attahed), is still on the laptop but has...
  10. guido.coza


    Hello All I recently had to redo my intire catalog as just before I could do my weekly backup my exHD packed up.. A bit of a bad 2 month as I lost 3 HD since Dec2018. After I "pointed" LR to the new hd and merged what was on the latest backup with the new one LR serched for 12H strait for faces...
  11. guido.coza

    How to move my catalog

    Hi all At the moment I have my Lightroom folders ( LR cat. lrcat, preview.lrdata, LR setting + backups) on an external drive, as I till recently used several machines to excess LR. As I sold my I mac and got myself a 4K monitor I now work only on the laptop. I often have the problem that, evn...
  12. guido.coza

    cant get face recognicion back

    Hi All I must have at one stage dismissed a picture from face recognicion. However I found a name to a person and want to asign it in "People" view. I can highlight the photos, can go into that folder, the pictures never show up in "people" view! What needs to be done??
  13. guido.coza

    strange "envelope" guide lines in crop tool

    Hi all, Since yesterday I have strange "envelope" guidelines in my crop view instead of the 9 squares. How do I get the 9 field squares view back Thanks in advance
  14. guido.coza

    why does it takes ages

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): For reasons of my own I have my LR catalog on a external HD. I connect this HD either on my laptop or on a iMac. Since I have the catalog on the HD it takes 15min and more to backup the catalog, even with hardly any changes...
  15. guido.coza

    How to create a new cattalog from scratch?

    Operating System: mac 10.11.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lr 6 It most likely will be much easier than I think. I have a folder with my LR catalog in it. Sadly over time this folder became very confusing level 1= 2 folder ( settings date folder 4 items) open date folder=...
  16. guido.coza

    preserving edits on missing pictures

    Hi All I stupidly moved some pictures outside lightroom and the catalog is a mess. Even so I can see pictures in a specific folder in "FINDER" LR seems not to see them as the same I'm looking for. IF i would go and say "find missing pictures" LR imports the found pictures to its catalog and...
  17. guido.coza


    Hi All I try now for some time to find a key combination where I can move my pic while zoomed in and using one of the tools(spot healing, adjustment brush, etc) lets say I want to remove some spots in a face I normaly zoom in to at least 1:2 -1:1 BUT i always have to leave the tool if I want to...
  18. guido.coza

    can one do voice recordings to a slideshow

    Hi all Just a quick question Can I do voice recording to a slideshow. I have a slideshow with musik but would like to prerecord a explanation for certain /all slides. Possible? Thanks in advance
  19. guido.coza

    delete only copies

    Hi all After I got my catalog about right and merged and imported from other catalogs I found to my horror copies everywhere. A initially thought easy way to get rid of them was to go to the filter go on text "copy 1" and delete all copies. BUT between the 8 thousand odd copies where also...
  20. guido.coza

    Stil not happy with catalog location and sync fuction

    Hi All after many battles with trying to get two lightroom catalogs to sync how I want it, I decided to move the LR catalog onto a external USB 3 HD where most (98%) of the pics are. The drawback is LR becomes very sluggish and there the first question IF i had to move the catalog on an...
  21. guido.coza

    still struggle with catalog merging

    Hi Guys I still seem, not getting it right to merge my catalogs and always have the latest edits. I keep all pictures on a external drive. Now and than I move new pics from either iMac or laptop to this external drive. Than I edit/delete pics either on laptop or on iMac on this drive. On top I...
  22. guido.coza

    recover adjustments in outside LR moved files

    Hi Guys and Girls I did a bit of a boo boo. I copied picture folders outside lightroom onto a external HD. What is the best way of not loosing all the edits of the pic.? Undo and redo everything via LR (some pics however are on Laptop, some desktop some exHD) would be a mission! All pictures...
  23. guido.coza

    will i find adjustments on backup ?

    Hi all As it looks I left my external drive with my pics in a hotelroom and the staff " did not" find it!! Luckely I have all pics twice backed up. The question is will the backup have all adjustments? I thought I could open a pic that is on the missing drive, LR will tell me it cant find the...
  24. guido.coza

    Loading backup hardrive on to LR without creating duplicates

    I would like to load my Back-up hard drive into LR As per usual a back-up should have the same than the original.! As far as I understand the way LR works, the program would load the back-up pics as new pics into the catalog. However this would mess-up the picture count totally. One of the...
  25. guido.coza

    changes not showing after import from another catalog

    Hi All I seem not to be winning! I spend days on my laptop assigning names to faces in the "people" tab. I exported the catalog onto a external drive, imported from this catalog and none of the new names I added on the laptop show up in my master catalog!! Am I missing something??