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  1. flashpixx

    File Renaming on Import

    I've done a search and didnt find anything. Apologies if this is simple, my post Covid fogged brain won't grasp it. Wanting to rename files on import I'm up to image count #12,494. I'm wanting to retain the original image # in the new file name. I'm wanting to start the next import at #12,495...
  2. flashpixx


    Just want to say how much I appreciate this ebook. Everything is in there, if there is something I want to do I just put the search term in the reach box and after a bit of looking I can find what I need. then the info is set out clearly so even Covid fogged people like me at the moment can...
  3. flashpixx

    Develop module Bulk update of White Balance

    I've imported RAW files into LRC 11.2 I would like to change the WB for all images. All are the same WB value and the new value will also be consistent across all images. Can I do that in one step rather than for every image individually ? I have the original RAW files which I can reimport but...
  4. flashpixx

    LRC and Topaz Denoise RAW Files

    Not sure if this is a LRC issue, Topaz issue or Nikoz Z9 RAW file issue. Recently Denoise was updated to allow direct importing of RAW files. The exported File from Denoise can be a DNG, which is nice as it preserves some info lost from a TIFF file. However when the exported DNG is viewed in...
  5. flashpixx

    Develop module Nikon Z9 Profiles in Camera Raw / LRC

    I've imported a few images into LRC using the Z9 Camera profile as the default Import Preset. I'm quite disappointed. Auto settings on import for all images include: Texture +20 Clarity +10 Sharpening Radius 2.0 NR Luminance 39 Detail 75 Compared to NX Studio the rendered RAW image...
  6. flashpixx

    Import New CF Card and Reader - Import Dialog Doesnt show Folders

    Import used to show destination folders on bottom right. Previously used XQD Card and reader, now using for the first time CF Express card and reader. How can this be resolved please? Import Dialog Box: Import Preferences"
  7. flashpixx

    LRC Import Defaults - Nikon Z6ii

    The imported RAW files have the Tint adjusted to +2 on import. Everything else is zero, except for sharpening. Checking previous RAW imports this Tint adjustment on import has only started happening in the past 5 days. Previous imports there has been no Tint adjustment. LRC may have updated in...
  8. flashpixx

    Simple Windows based backup software

    Looking for some software that will allow me to backup a folder on my D drive of the laptop to an external hard drive. any recommendations for something free and simple, which doesn’t take up huge space on the C drive? Thank you for looking
  9. flashpixx

    Moving Catalog from C:\ to D:\

    I've Set up D drive so that Onedrive backs it up. Want to move the Lightroom Folder that is currently on C:\ to D:\ so it's included in that backup Reading the Missing FAQ Book p 444: Copy the Lightroom Folder and subfolders to the new location then: Now it’s time to open the catalog, which...
  10. flashpixx

    uninstall LRC

    about to get a new laptop with larger screen and highest spec intel core i7 latest/ nVidia 6mb card, 16mb ram - could go to 32 if needed installed LRC on current laptop but only to play with.. not synced to cloud have LRC on a desktop but not synced to cloud - will retain this install can i...
  11. flashpixx

    LR Classic on two computers

    have LR Classic installed on an older windows 10 desktop that was used when I did Motorsport photog. not been used for 2 years, tho i keep LRC and windows up to date. Now primarily use LR Desktop on a Windows laptop Would like to install LRC on the laptop so I can use Topaz Denoise. There is...
  12. flashpixx

    Exporting From LR CC Using Nikon Z 6 NEF The JPEG has a Magenta color cast

    Hi All IPad OS 14.6 Nikon Z6 Mirrorless When exporting a NEF in LR to IPad Camera Roll the resulting JPEG takes on a Magenta color cast. Seems this was reported to Adobe about a year ago, but would seem still to be an issue. A search here hasn’t resulted in anything??? thanks for any advice
  13. flashpixx

    Exporting Photos from LR - Best Size for Mobile Apps

    Until now LR cloud based only allowed for 2046 px long side "small" jpg to be exported, which I used in facebook and Instagram. Now we can select a long side px size and compression ratio, is there a better px / comp ratio that will provide a better quality image (I did find "small" LR default...
  14. flashpixx

    LR CC ... Does RAM Impact on Performance?

    I have a new HP Laptop that has the following system spec. Is 8 GB RAM enough? Is slow to load all photos (2,800) and to process an edit (eg a significant crop) compared to desktop with 16GB RAM. Lightroom version: 2.3 [ 20190502-0902-47ed471 ] (May 3 2019) Operating system: Windows 10 OS...
  15. flashpixx

    Renewed My Membership

    ... it is the best $US11.50 I've spent in a long while. Thanks Victoria and the team for this great website, members area, your eBooks and the never ending tips and help. Makes the LR product even better! Best Regards Gordon
  16. flashpixx

    Server Busy error

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (7.2 Release) Use both LR Classic CC and LRCC on desktop. When opening either after using the other LR program receive a dialog box "Server busy" Adobe suggests the following: Solution 1: Install the latest Lightroom update Solution 2: Disable...
  17. flashpixx

    Catalogs Back Up to a second location

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0 [ 1140024 ] License: Creative Cloud Operating system: Windows 10 Version: 10.0 Can I automatically back up LR to a second location or do I need to copy and paste? Thank you
  18. flashpixx

    Moving photos between Collections - LR Mobile

    Apologies I'm having an old person moment.... Until now I've adding nearly all photos to one collection. I'm now sorting and creating new collections that better describe the photos. I know I've done it before, But I can't for the life of me remember how to move photos from the original...
  19. flashpixx

    LR on iPad vs Tablet - image info on screen

    Just got an iPad Air to take advantage of the increased power of LR on that platform I use Fujifilm Camera Remote for a completely wireless solution to transferring images from the camera via Camera Remote to LR. This only allows JPeg transfer but that is all I want when working in the field...
  20. flashpixx

    Whats missing in Android?

    Can't find sharpening tool in Android LR Mobile. Does it exist in iOS version? Been using clarity and Dehaze as a work around. Thinking of springing for an iPad Air 64GB, what am I missing by using android (noting the latest update to LR mobile today)
  21. flashpixx

    Searching for real users - LR Mobile on Android Tablet

    Hello In the process of switching from Nikon pro DSLR + lenses (D4s) to Fujifilm X-T bodies and XF lenses. The Fuji Camera remote app works wonderfully importing images from the camera to my Samsung Tab S via WiFi. Hoping to gather some info on LR mobile, and users perspectives. Fuji doesn't...
  22. flashpixx

    Lightroom Hangs - Extensive Hard drive activity

    Developing approx 800 images imported to LR 6.1. Flagged approx 180 images for export. After reaching approx 150 flagged images (75% through all images) the harddrive started running permanently and LR hung. Only way to regain LR is to wait. Very little RAM activity Resource monitor suggests...
  23. flashpixx

    LR 4.4 and Nikon D4s RAW

    Just received a new Nikon D4s and on import from an XQD card receive an error message: "The files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom (2)" Do I need to Upgrade? To LR 5 or 6?? (Least cost option preferred) I'm really happy with LR4.4 :meh:
  24. flashpixx

    LR 4.4 Assertion Failed

    Using LR 4.4 for some time. Today, without making any changes or installing/uninstalling software, I am getting "Assertion Failed" error message when attempting to start LR. Have tried reinstal/Repair with no luck. Have read other posts on this subject. I am using the Zenfolio plug-in which was...
  25. flashpixx

    "Softening" in LR4

    Have a photo shoot on the weekend shooting a friend whose complexion is very very fair, and skin has visible pores. She has had some very bad experiences with photo shoots. Mostly when a flash is used her complexion is all washed out, and if well exposed the sharpness tends to highlight her...