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    Nik Collection not working anymore in LR 6

    I have the Nik collection, and wanted to make some edits, but now it's not working. How do I add this back to LR6? I'm not that great at technology so easy and step by step details work the best for me - thanks!
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    External hard Drive Running Out of Space

    I keep all of my Lightroom photos and library files ( I believe) on an external hard drive to save space on my computer. I don't do that much in LR, so don't judge me. I use LR 6 version. I am upgrading my external space to 5 TB from my current 2TB hard drive because I can no longer add...
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    Saving Photos from iCloud to a folder on MAC to use in Lightroom

    I recently started using the iCloud feature for my photos since I'm not always using by DSLR camera on my vacations but using my iPhone now. I am trying to download them off of iCloud to a folder on my computer so I can upload them into Lightroom and its taking forever to download about 750...
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    How to undo edits to all my photos that I selected at the same time

    I accidentally had all my photos selected when I was editing (what I thought) was only one photo. I had them set to go into a smart folder - that's how I noticed that I had made changes to all of the photos in my folder. But I don't want to edit ALL of them the same way at least. How do I...
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    HWLP I just deleted my edited photos.

    I had created a smart collection and was editing some pics in there after I had highlighted all of the photos to export to my folder on my mac. Well I think I hit 'reset' and now all photos are gone from that smart collection I created. SO I thought I would just create another one, and deleted...
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    Not able to upload my raw Nikon files into my friends Lightroom

    Not able to upload Nikon Raw files from card into Lightroom CC camera raw 9.3. She has a canon raw files and uploads those into LR with no problems.
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    Develop mode - want my photos to stay in order

    Operating System: Mac ElCapitan Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 6.10.0 'm in Develop mode and editing my photos. I can't find the box to check now so that all my photos stay in the same order I took them - even when editing them. Now when I edit them the edited version...
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    New Camera photos will not upload

    I just bought a new camera and the photos I took on it will not upload into lightroom 5. I have a Mac and the "Photos" app opened up and I can see the photos are in there, but I have never uploaded my photos into that I only upload them into LR. I did end up uploading them into it, but I still...
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    How to Export all edited photos

    I am working on a lot of photos from a trip and want to know if there is an easy way to go through and edit all the photos but then ONLY export the ones I have edited and worked on and export them all at the same time. Is there an easy way to Select all the edited photos in this group? I don't...
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    How to reconnect LR files with library

    my Mac was recently reset by Apple because it would Not start up. They had to wipe everything off of it and I added everything back using the time machine backup. I opened Lightroom and all my photos have ? Marks by them. Does this mean I have to somehow reconnect them to the library...
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    Accidentally Deleted all my RAW and edited photos in a folder in LR

    I accidentally deleted all the RAW photos I had just edited in one of my folders while in LR. I thought I was only deleting one that I didn't want out, but I had highlighted them all. Now I don;t know how to get them back. I moved them from my Trash back into the folder but when I go to...
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    Basic Panel not showing up now?

    I'm in the Develop module and now the Basic panel where I do most of my editing is not showing up now? Did I delete it somehow? How do I get that back or reinstall it? I have the rest, I think: Histogram, Tone Curve,Split Toning, Detail, etc.
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    Synchronize - how to get rid of it

    I think I synchronized a bunch of photos and may have done the red eye corrections because it looks like that is on all my photos now. But when I try to CNTR Z it will not let me delete that from the history of each photo. I did try and delete the dot and it did, but now it leaves a little...
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    How to keep my edits next to raw files in lightroom 5?

    When editing in LR5 my edits used to stay right next to the RAW files. Now after transferring to a new computer the files I have edited go to the end of all the photos. How do I keep them next to the original edits in the Develop mode?
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    Copy Lightroom catalogue from Mac book air to new iMac?

    I just picked up my new iMac and want to copy my Lightoom 5 catalog to the new computer. I want to make sure I copy the correct folder and files etc. Anything I need to know to start or step by step directions for me so I don't lose or corrupt any files? And also after installing LR5 on my...
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    How to restore a photo I removed from LR5

    I accidentally removed a photo from LR5 and since I am new to LR I am not able to figure out how to restore it back to my LR. Does anyone have step by step directions and maybe even the specific steps to restore it for this newbie? I do have a backup of the last time I edited out of LR before...