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  1. Amanda Clowe

    How to Import Photos from Mac Photos into Lightroom 6 ?

    I recently experienced the unfortunate and apparently rare issue of a corrupt Lightroom Catalogue - and had to import my images into Apple 'Photos' from my SD cards whilst I was trying to sort out the problem. I have now found out that my bad luck continues, because my images seem to be locked...
  2. Amanda Clowe

    Upgrade to Lightroom 6 standalone

    Hi there ! I'm hoping to upgrade my Lightroom 4 to the standalone LR 6 on my IMac. I have also just bought a MacBook Pro - and want to run LR 6 on there too. I want it to be completely separate from my existing LR contents. Will Adobe give me a code or link when I buy the upgrade option for...
  3. Amanda Clowe

    Lightroom no longer finding my images on external hard drive resolved

    Hi there ! I'm a newbie with LR4 on my iMac,using an external hard drive to store my photos from 2011-2015. All has been well with me editing photos stored on the hard drive only a few days ago. Today I have gone to do the same and Lightroom has Question marks against all my folders on the...