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  1. Marc Santacroce

    Can Lightroom fix this?

    Hello LRers, I'm hoping to draw on your experience. Background: I have 400 500 35mm slides from 1967-68 and 1970-71 that I have had digitally scanned and delivered as jpeg and tif. Some I've even individually cleaned with alcohol and rescanned. Unfortunately, due to poor storage conditions over...
  2. Marc Santacroce

    Hi From Columbia, SC, USA

    Hello Lightroomers — I just turned 76 (as in Trombones)- After shedding several careers and interests, I am returning to an old love - Photography. I was able to recover some 35mm slides I took in the 60's and 70's and have been putting them through the LR wringer. I started with a Canon 70D a...