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    Hello, I have LRCC 6.8 and I am running out of space on my 2012 Macbook Pro intermittently to a critically low amount while using LR, causing it to nonfunction until I delete files from the computer. Dropbox is using 141GB out of the 251GB of flash storage. Since Dropbox is cloud based why...
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    Smart previews

    Smart previews were built during downloading files to LRCC/6 but upon reopening the program later they were no longer visible. Does anyone know why they aren't appearing or how I can find them?
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    LR doesn't see my photos on my ext HD

    I have two OWC ext drives that are carbon copies of each other. LR recognizes my photos (48K) from one of the drives but only sees some of the photos on the other. I have tried adding the missing photos back to the catalog but LR says they are already imported, which is correct, but it doesn't...