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  1. Eightysevens

    Confusion About Digital Negative [SOLVED]

    I want to know how to prepare a digital negative in LR6 for use in creation of cyanotype production. I have tried importing as DNG (which I understand is a digital negative), but the DNG doesn't look at all like I expected a negative to look; it just looks exactly the same as any other NEF or...
  2. Eightysevens

    'Grid' Appearing on Image after Processing

    I'm not sure I'm posting in the correct area of the forum for this issue, please advise me if not. Equipment: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm. Settings: 1/400sec, f9,0 ISO320. NEF RAW. Work flow: LR6 for lens correction, chromatic aberration correction & basic exposure balance > Perfect Exposure...
  3. Eightysevens

    Prevent Import Highlight of Sub Folders [SOLVED]

    At import, how can I get LR6 to recognise only the images of the selected folder I desire imported, & not the potentially hundreds of images in subfolders of that folder, which I am currently having to go through & de-select everytime I import? This is very time consuming.
  4. Eightysevens

    Crop Grid Misaligned

    The grid overlay of the crop tool used for levelling guidance is not aligned equally/symmetrically on either vertical or horizontal planes within the crop. On the vertical it is slightly to the right, & on the horizontal it is slightly lower than the central edge markers. I may have adjusted...
  5. Eightysevens

    Gradient Filter Query LR6

    I began using LR6 recently having used LR4 for years, this is just one of the odd issues I've encountered: Gradient filters have a changed function: If I set up a custom filter & drag it across an image, then further tweaking the filter, the new tweaks (temporarily) update the custom filter if...
  6. Eightysevens

    Aspect Ratio Function Query LR6

    I have used LR4 for years, but recently began using LR6. There are a some changes that I am not sure are bugs. 1. If I change aspect ratio to, for example, 16:9, the new aspect ratio fits flush to the edge of the image (as in LR4). But if I then further change the aspect ratio, for example, to...
  7. Eightysevens

    Spot Removal Issue

    LR 4.4. I'm experiencing odd behaviour using the heal/clone feature. I have a b&w image I want to remove a large white light source (light bulb) from. However, when I spot-heal/clone it the whole image goes very dark (when the light bulb disappears). If I spot-heal/cole any other white area of...
  8. Eightysevens

    Imported Image Preview Confliction LR4

    I've had this problem on & off for maybe 18 months. It happened today, & seems to randomly, but only with my Fuji files. After I had my Fuji X100 back from a repair, its number sequence was zeroed, & I'm guessing this is the root of the problem. In my library I opened a folder & the images...
  9. Eightysevens

    Copy File Options

    Copy File Options [SOLVED] Hi, When opening a plug-in to edit a photo I am given 'Copy File Options'. Is there a way to prevent the options from reverting to their defaults every time a plug-in is opened? Thanks.
  10. Eightysevens

    LR4 Suspects New Previously Unimported Photos Are Duplicates

    I'm trying to import new photos, but some of them LR thinks are already in the catalogue, and so are unselectable. These photos are new, so cannot already be there. I seem to remember having this issue before & was informed on how to optimise the cache or something of this nature, which fixed...