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  1. Adele

    Adding profile to LR CC on iPad - How to?

    I generally use LR Classic however will be using LR CC on my iPad during a three week trip to Norway. One of my cameras (Fuji X-T1) has been converted to infrared and I've made a custom profile for it using the Adobe DNG Profile editor. Had no trouble uploading this profile to LR Classic on my...
  2. Adele

    Import Problems downloading videos

    Operating System: Mac Sierra 10.12.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Creative Cloud classic 7.1 I have purchased several video tutorials which can be downloaded. In the past, once downloaded, I had no problem adding them to my LR catalog - which made finding them very easy...
  3. Adele

    Changing Color and Size of Fonts in "Folders" in Library/Left Panel

    i would like to change the font colors and size of selected folders in the Library Module/Left Panel. Anyone know a way of doing either or both of these? I've looked for plug-ins, but none seem to address this issue. Hope I'm not missing the obvious!