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    Catalogs Smart Preview Catalog File

    Operating System: MAC OS High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic Hello, I'm in the process of moving my photos from an old external hard drive to a new one. I've been going through and creating Smart Previews for all the photos. When I check my catalog files on...
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    DSLR Tether to iPad

    Mobile Operating System: iOS Desktop Operating System: OS Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic Hello, I have had nothing but frustration tethering from my camera to my iPad via wifi. Does anyone know if it's possible to tether directly via a cable? I don't want to buy a...
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    Client Access to Photos

    Hello, I'm an event and headshot photographer looking for a Dropbox alternative to deliver final edited images. Does LR have a web gallery of some sort that I can post to per client so they can access and download their photos? Thanks! Scott
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    Export LR Mobile Collection to Instagram or FB

    It seems like the most basic of uses for LR Mobile, and yet, I can't seem to activate this function. After I edit a photo shoot in LR on my desktop, I create Collections for Facebook and Instagram. What I want to do is go to that synced Collection on my iPhone or iPad and simply export to my...
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    LR Mobile Collection to Instagram & Facebook

    It's easy to post a single photo, but Is it possible to post an entire Collection from LR Mobile to Instagram or Facebook? And while I'm at it, when I create a Collection on my desktop and re-arrange the photos in a custom order, I then sync to LR Mobile, but why does LR Mobile not display the...
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    Lightroom Catalog Workflow

    Hello Community of LR users, I'm happy to be aboard! I'm upgrading my 10 yr old iMac and 8 yr old iOmega external Firewire HDs to: 1. 2017 500GB SSD iMac (apps only - maybe LR Catalog)2. 4TB G-Tech Thunderbolt3 G-Drive (Data - docs only) 3. 4TB G-Tech Thunderbolt3 G-Drive (RAW photos only) 4...