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  1. Dirtnapper

    Can I delete these...

    At some point, I ended up with two folders - LR5 Master and LR5 Master-2.lrdata and two files: LR Master.lrcat and Lr Master-2.lrcat. I am using ver. 6.6.1. Can I delete the two LR Masters, since I use the Master-2's? Thanks.
  2. Dirtnapper

    LR 5.7

    I can not get LR to sync folders, there are several that are there and were imported, but for some reason now are not showing up. I can see the missing folders in explorer. If I attempt a sync it hangs around 70%....for hours. What to do? Thanks.
  3. Dirtnapper

    Exporting Off Problem

    As far as I know this did not happen when I first started using LR5 a few weeks ago; whenever I export an image, as soon as it finishes exporting, Explorer opens to the export folder. Is this a feature that can be turned off or a bug? Also, noticed a slow down in just about everything from...
  4. Dirtnapper

    Outlook 2010 and LR5

    I use Outlook 2010, I cannot email form LR5; it reports that the recipient is not in the address book. Outlook works fine, and I can email from other programs without an issue. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Dirtnapper

    LR5 Catalog

    I just upgraded LR4 to LR5. I am new to LR. I am confused over the catalog. See attached images. Is image LR1.jpg the master, and if so, what are images 2 and 3? I see that LR3.jpg is created on each backup as I exit the program. Is this folder 2013-07-11 1627 something that can be deleted...