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  1. craigbrandau

    Hard Drive Preferences

    Hi, I have two hard drives. One that is part of my Mac and an external hard drive. When I go to import my photos, they automatically go to my Mac's HD. I want them to only go to my external. I know I can choose which one to import to, but would rather just have the one option: the external...
  2. craigbrandau

    Camera Calibrations - Profiles once more...

    I have received some kind and informative responses to my question, but it still remains unanswered. I am trying to locate where my Camera Profiles live and have been unable to locate them.... I am really going nuts because they're alive inside of my software....
  3. craigbrandau

    x-rite and camera calibrations

    I am having issues editing and creating camera calibration profiles. I have an x-rite camera profile that I want to import into the camera calibrations. I have installed the x-rite plug in, but need to know what to to from there. I have attached a screen shot hoping that will help. Thanks so...
  4. craigbrandau

    Sekonic into Lighroom Camera Calibration

    Hi All, I need to import a camera setting into lightroom and can't. I think there is a plugin for this process, but cannot find this anywhere. Thanks much, Craig