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    Moving to a new computer - transfer files *before* installing Lightroom?

    In the pdf "Adobe Lightroom – Moving to a new computer", chapter 1, page 2, it says "Transfer everything" and then "Install Lightroom". The same in chapter 5, page 11 where the locations are given. We are moving from old versions of Lightroom on old Macs to new Macs without any previous...
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    Moving to a new computer - cannot find "other catalog files" to transfer

    We have Lightroom 4 on an old Mac and Lightroom 5 on another oldie. Having now bought new (silicon) Macs, we will transfer Lightroom files and update program. It is a big jump to go from 2013 to 2021. In the pdf "Lightroom. Moving to a new computer" Chapter 5, on page 11 we are advised to do...