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    Order in Collections

    Until the new upgrade, whenever I added a photo to a collection it added it to the end of the filmstrip. Since the upgrade, it puts it in the collection and I have to find it. I have set the sort to added order, but that is not what is happening. I would like the last one added to be the last...
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    Sky Replacement

    I recently created a new group of skies and put them in the sky replacement editor. The Group was called My Skies as opposed to the skies that PS already had. I put in about 9 of my own skies under the category. All looked fine. When I went back a few days later, my new group "My Skies"...
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    Rated Images Not Showing

    I have a folder with images, some of which I have given two stars. The stars show up in the film strip, but not in the grid. I am wondering if this has to do with compact grid images, and how to fix. In addition, when in Folder in Library, and grid, going to attribute, picking 2 stars, it...
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    spot healing brush

    The spot healing brush is leaving behind a texture. Only happened since upgrade to Version 22.4.2. Also, I used to be able to use the dropdown next to the brush at the top and it would give me a list of all available different kinds of brushes. no longer doing that. All since upgrade
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    Keyword locked with a period .

    By accident, one of my keywords has a . after it and is stopping me from adding more keywords. I have experienced this before but forget how to fix it. Advise please
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    No date

    Long story, short. Is there a way to search the catalog for images that do not have a date.
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    Import Date Confusion

    I am trying to set up a date import and am very confused. What I want to do is have my Import Set at 2021 1/25 1/27 1/30 What I am getting is 2021 2021 1/25 1/27 2021 1/30 I don't want the second 2021 date. I just can't figure the correct figuration to put in...
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    All Plug Ins greyed out

    When I go to Photo, Edit in, all my plugins, including edit in Photoshop are greyed out. How to fix? The Edit in Photoshop being greyed out is something that happened today. All the other plugins, which are NIK, have been greyed out since using my new computer. Is there a way to access...
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    Plug Ins Disappeared

    I have a fairly new version of DxO and NIK plugins and Topaz AI. All have been working for quite awhile in LR. All of a sudden they are all missing from Lightroom except for Color EFX. reinstalled NIK but it is not showing up in LR. The NIK Plugins, Topaz Labs and Topaz Studio 2,do show up...
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    Lightroom Presets

    Where does LR keep its Presets. Used to be in Preferences/Presets/Show Lightroom Presets Folder. That is not how it is in Preferences anymore. I am having difficulty finding the Presets Folder now.
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    Problem with large font

    I was tryng to make the LR font a little larger. In my effort to do so I tested the Large (150%) Font. That was way to large. Back to the Preferences I tried to change the size to something smaller, but because of the huge size I cannot get to the Save button on the bottom of the UI...
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    Auto on Import

    Today, I heard that the new version of LR automatically adds Auto when Importing. I have not been able to find out anything about that. Is it true? If so, how do you stop it from happening.
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    Web Galleries

    After watching several tutorials I was able to make a web gallery. I was also able to send a link to share the gallery with someone. Now, comes the big question, how do I find my web gallery or more than one gallery?
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    Font Size

    The Tool Bar that has File, Edit, Photo is very small. How to enlarge.
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    Looking for People

    Somehow, a command came up in LR that looks for all of my people photos - I didn't choose this & can't figure how to turn it off. Can you help please. Also, can you tell me what I did so I don't do it again. Thank you
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    For a friend, should LR 9.1 work with Sierra 10.2.6.?
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    Using the Color Swatch in the Adjustment Brush

    I find when using the color swatch in the Adjustment Brush the adjustment is very pale in comparison to the color picked. I have tried it with Density at 100% and Flow at 100% and it is still pale and washed out. I might then push the Saturation Slider all the way up but the color never even...
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    Some thing dissapear

    Sometimes, the little icons on the very top row, for making LR bigger or smaller disappear. How to keep it permanently visible. Also, sometimes the Row with Library, Develop, etc., disappears, if I push up on the arrow it shows but goes away again. How to keep that permanent as well. Thanks
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    Photos Not Being removed from Hard Drive

    I know this subject came up before but I don't know if there was any resoultion to the issue. Whether I "REMOVE" the Photos From the Disk, in the Catalog or I remove by Rejecting and then Removing from Disk, the images are not being deleted from the Disk. They are only being removed from the...
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    Windows 7 and LR CC

    Asking for a friend. Has a laptop with Windows 7 will Lightroom CC be compatible? Can Lightroom CC be downloaded to a Windows 7 OS and will it work?
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    Photoshop Layers

    Is it true that if I save a PSD file with layers and if I go back and do anything to that file in LR, I lose the layers? If it is true, is there a way to work around this so my layers stay intact.
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    Are they added to Catalog

    Having synced 1000+ images from my iPhone to my Desktop, Classic CC, are there now 1000+ more images in the Desktop Classic CC catalog.
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    Lost Collections

    Helping a friend today. Hope I didn't make a mess in his catalogue. We were playing around with learning how to sync his photos from his iPhone to his LR Classic CC on his desktop. In looking at his synced folder on the Desktop CC, we decided to delete everything that was in the synced folder...
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    Moving synced photos into a Folder

    I have synced several images from LR CC on my iPhone to LR Classic CC on my desktop. They come in under All Synced Photos. I want to now move them into folders in Lightroom CC on my desktop. How to do?
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    Opening Layers in PS

    Using Lighroom Classic CC 8.1, opening several images in Photoshop using Edit in Photoshop, Open as Layers, only the first image is opening in PS 2019