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  1. rcannonp

    Import Filtering

    Is there any way to filter photos on import? I often get handed a full photo session of thousands of images of which I only need to adjust some of them that have already been rated in Bridge. I know that this probably isn't a common case, but it would save me a couple of extra steps before I get...
  2. rcannonp

    Render Standard Previews

    Is it unreasonable for me to think that taking 2'+ minutes to render 97' standard previews is too long? Is there any way to speed it up? Lr is using a fraction of my computer's power to render previews.
  3. rcannonp


    Does Lightroom 2 have any sort of logging function where you might be able to tell if a file had been exported or something like that?
  4. rcannonp

    Applying Labels

    Is there no way to apply labels to multiple items outside of the grid view?
  5. rcannonp

    Raw Files Not Showing Up

    I have a group of raw files that I edited in Photoshop and saved to the same folder. The client wants color and black and white, so I made virtual copies of the retouched PSDs in order to make B&W versions. Now the raw files are no longer showing in the catalog and won't import. I'm not sure if...
  6. rcannonp

    CS4 Demo

    I'm not sure if Photoshop CS4 is a must have for me, so I was thinking of trying out the demo. Does anyone know if it will screw things up for my CS3 installation?
  7. rcannonp

    Printing Question

    Is there any way to pad a cell or maybe add a stroke that isn't at the edge of the image? I have some images that are 8.5x11" and I want to float them in an 11x14" area. My paper is 13x19 though. I would like to be able to add a stroke or cropping guides at the 11x14 size. The best that I can...
  8. rcannonp

    What Does This Mean?

    I have this on a few images, and I can't figure out what it means. Clicking it doesn't produce any action, and there is nothing obviously wrong with the images. I haven't been able to find it using any terms that I can think of.
  9. rcannonp

    Opening in Photoshop Over a Network

    I've been messing around with keeping my images on a HD attached to my G4 and accessing them over an ethernet network on my MBP. Whenever I open images into Photoshop, I get a dialog box when I try to save that says that the image is in use by another app and can't be saved. Does anyone know a...
  10. rcannonp

    Let ‘Em Have It

    I just saw this on John Nack's blog – I think that you get extra points for cursing.
  11. rcannonp


    The Lounge was looking a bit lonely, so I figured that I'd post this for those out there with websites. A Photo Editor - SEO Is Not Just For Wedding Photographers Anymore
  12. rcannonp

    Reading Metadata from Files in LR2 painfully slow. Right now I'm 15 minutes into reading metadata from about 6'' images with 2'% to go. The xmp files were created in an earlier version of ACR. Would that make any difference?
  13. rcannonp

    Installing 2.0

    Just wondering if it's possible to install LR2 and keep 1.4 on the same machine. I'm in the middle of a large job and I don't want to update that catalog yet, so I'd like to keep that in LR1 for now.
  14. rcannonp

    PC Font Question

    Does Windows ship with Lucida Grande or is that just a Mac thing?
  15. rcannonp

    Tethering in Mac OS 10.5

    I was looking over the 3''+ new features in 1'.5 and noticed "Improved Tethered Camera Support" in Image Capture. What do they mean by improved – any? Has anyone compared it to the EOS Utility? Does the EOS Utility work in 1'.5?
  16. rcannonp

    Adobe White Papers

    I don't remember ever seeing these posted around here, so I figured that I would give ‘em a link. Adobe - Digital photography white papers and primers There's a lot of good info there that is worth looking over when you get the chance.
  17. rcannonp

    Localized Corrections

    I hope that they add some sort of contrast adjustment to the localized corrections before the final release. It's not that often that I want to brighten something without also changing the contrast.
  18. rcannonp

    rob Galbraith on Aperture 2.1

    Rob Galbraith DPI: Image editing plug-ins the centrepiece of Aperture 2.1 As I understand it, Aperture has to process out the file to apply plugins. I went and watched the Dodge and Burn tutorial on Apple's website. I don't understand why I would want to bother with that. If I have to process...
  19. rcannonp

    Adobe and 64 Bit

    John Nack on Adobe: Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe's 64-bit roadmap
  20. rcannonp

    Selections in the Develop Module

    Is there a way to deselect all but the active image in the Develop module. The selection options in the Library module don't carry over to the Develop module. :x The best that I can figure is to command click the photo that I want to deselect it and then click on it to select just that photo.
  21. rcannonp

    File Recovery Software

    Does anyone have a favorite Mac app for recovering deleted images from CF cards? I've tried demos of a few products, but I'm not convinced about any of them yet.
  22. rcannonp

    Slideshow Pro Director and LR

    I just saw this news about a SSP Director export plugin for LR and figured that I would pass it on. SlideShowPro / News
  23. rcannonp


    I was wondering if anyone knows the significance of this date. It seems like a very specific date to be used as an illustration for date layouts.
  24. rcannonp

    Slideshow Pro Director

    I was wondering if any of the SSP users use the Director and if you think it's worth it. I'm redesigning my website and using SSP for the galleries. I bought SSP for LR(I may get it for Flash as well). It's not too hard to manually edit the galleries, but SSP Director seems like it would make...
  25. rcannonp

    LR Tutorials

    John Nack recently listed a bunch of LR tutorials on his blog. Check it out here: John Nack on Adobe: A wealth of Lightroom tutorials