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  1. Rwentzel

    ON AI 1 Noise Reduction

    I use ON 1 AI Noise Reduction and am satisfied with the results. I have been advised that I should use it after cropping and before any editing ,I use Lr C. When I come back from a short wildlife/bird shoot I often have 100 images. After culling ,I might have 40 images that are worth editing. If...
  2. Rwentzel

    Auto Import Preset.

    Lightroom Classic. I have recently been trying the Auto Import Preset. Finding it a good starting point. Is there a way to add Lens Correction to this preset ?
  3. Rwentzel

    Import New Folder

    Morning all and a Happy New Year. Using LRC. Store all my photos on an external HD by Year ,Month, Date. On my HD I created a new folder , 2022 with the months. LR shows all the previous years but is not showing 2022. When I import a photo it shows it below 2021 . as 2022-01-01. Does not show...
  4. Rwentzel

    Fuzzy image after editing in Elements

    I have edited a macro flower in LR Classic and moved it to Elements to add a fine border. On returning it to LR C the border is there but the flower petals are fuzzy and there are some colour blotches. The photo is totally unusable. What has gone wrong ?
  5. Rwentzel


    In LrC I am creating Smart Collections. One of my Smart Collection Sets is Mtunzini Village , the town where I live. All my photos of the town are now in this collection. We have a popular bird in our area the Village Weaver. All photos of this bird are also in my Mtunzini Village smart...
  6. Rwentzel


    For the past few years my catalog shows all my photos first as a NEF file +- 23000 Kb and below each one a xmp file +- 9kb. However for the past month the catalog only shows a small picture of the NEF file. Something has obviously change. I must have done something. How do I get back to...
  7. Rwentzel


    Morning, what am I doing wrong ?. I recently installed a SSD to my laptop. Prior to removing my old one I backed all my photos to and External HB and also did my normal backup of my Catalog. Followed the instructions on this forum very carefully. I want my photos to remain on my External HD. I...
  8. Rwentzel

    Working off an external Hard Drive

    I am sure this has been asked many times but there is no search engine in this forum. I am using LrC and have just over 14000 images on my internal hard drive. I have been advised that my internal HD is nearing capacity and I should install a SSD. I currently back up my images to two...
  9. Rwentzel

    Catalog Backup

    When I back up my Catalog do my Collections also get backed upped.? Can I check this ?
  10. Rwentzel


    I am currently using LR 6.14 from my internal hard drive. I have full backups separately stored on two external hard drives. My internal hard drive is about 80% full and my laptop seems to be running a lot slower than previously. I would like to remove LR from my internal hard drive and run...
  11. Rwentzel

    New Catalog

    Using LR 6.14 How do I open a new , 2nd, Catalog and import the images from my hard drive to this new Catalog.? Thanks.
  12. Rwentzel


    I backup my LR Catalog and images at least twice a month to two alternate external hard drives. I use Collections extensively. Are my Collections backed up with my Catalog ? Thanks.
  13. Rwentzel

    Greyed Photos.

    Using LR.14 Some of my images in my collections are greyed out. If I open them they become normal and I can edit them . When returned to the collection they once again become greyed out. What is happening ?
  14. Rwentzel


    I have LR 6.14 and have over 20 000 photos in my Catalog. I regularly back up my catalog and images to 2 external harddrives. If my computer harddrive were to crash or be lost/stolen how would I recover the actual LR program ? Do I need to back it up or would Adobe allow me to reload it onto my...
  15. Rwentzel


    LR 6.14. Library Module. I want to add comments to a photo in the Comments Section ( below Metadata ) but it says " Comments not supported here " Please help.
  16. Rwentzel


    Somehow I seemed to have lost all my presets. How do I get them back ? I backup my Catalog to an external harddrive about every two weeks and have several of these backups on the external harddrive. Some help please Thanks.
  17. Rwentzel

    Lens Correction

    I am using LR 6.14. I think I saw some time ago a feature under Lens Correction in the Develope Mode to correct the tilt of buildings. Looking there today I could not see this feature. Is it there are was I mistaken?
  18. Rwentzel

    Missing Icons.

    LR 6.14 I have lost the 3 little icons at the top right that close, minimise and expand. How do I get them back. Thanks.
  19. Rwentzel

    Copy Edit Settings from One Photo to Another

    I use LR 6, Perpetual. I have several very similar photos which I think are very good. I have spent some time editing one and have got it to be exactly where I want it to be. How do I copy the settings from the completed on to the others ?
  20. Rwentzel


    I back up my LR 6 Catalog well as my original photos on my internal hard drive to an external hard drive once a week. All my photos in my catalog are in various Collections. When I back up are these collections also saved.?
  21. Rwentzel

    LIGHTROOM 7 ???

    Is there any talk of Lightroom 7 in the near future.
  22. Rwentzel

    Missing Metadata

    In looking at the Metadata info in the Library Mode I notice that for some photos the lens used info is missing.It has it for some and not for others . Same Nikon body and same Nikon lens , photos taken on same day. What causes this and how can I add the missing info ? Thanks
  23. Rwentzel

    Focus Point.

    How can I show the focus point in LR 6.? Is there a plug in.? I am shooting with a Nikon D 7200
  24. Rwentzel


    When working in the Develop Mode my image often automatically jumps to the 1:1 size.To get it back i have to go back to grid view and click "Fit". Is there a way to prevent this ?
  25. Rwentzel


    I currently import from my sd card to my laptop hard drive and back up to an external drive once a week. I set Build Previews to minimal and do not check Build Smart Previews. I have been told it is better to set Build Previews to 1 : 1 and to create Smart previews, What are the benefits of...