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    Confusing appearance of External Drive in Folder based LR v11.3 catalog

    Hi all, I have a client who has somehow managed to create a LRC catalog v-11 that shows her External drive (where images files exist) as a ‘volume’ of her Macintosh HD. It also lists her Year folders under a '/' location of her Mac HD. In the screen captures below, you'll be able to see how...
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    Macbook M1 running Big Sur 11.6

    I am helping a friend move LrC catalog 10.4 from older Macbook running Mac OS 10.14.6 to new M1 Mac using Big Sur, Mac OS 11.6. All image files are stored on an external drive formatted Mac OS Extended journaled. New computer has not, yet, been able to even SEE the external drive, much less read...
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    Trouble opening .CR2 file to Edit in PS

    Working with Mac OS 10.15.7, menu choice : Photo>Edit in>Adobe PS 2020 (or Edit in>Open as Smart Object in Photoshop) no longer works. I can choose to Edit in> HDR Efex Pro2 and file will open. But when I choose to use PS, nothing happens. It adds unnecessary steps that I never had before...
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    Missing adjustment sliders for graduated filter in LR 5.6

    The adjustment sliders are visible for the adjustment brush, but when I want to use the graduated filter, they disappear! Very frustrating. If I should post this in a different section, let me know!