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  1. davidedric

    Members and Guests

    I'm always surprised to see how many more guests than members there are online at any one time. If there is a forum type of site that I use regularly, I join as a matter of course. Other views? (I think only members can see the lounge, so this may be a bit biased!)
  2. davidedric

    Develop module Lightroom Summit

    (This may not be the right forum) I just watched one of the first day's broadcast on the subject of "range masks". Excellent! In fact I've shelled to have ongoing access to the lost.
  3. davidedric

    Another backup software question

    Hi, I've been running CrashPlan for several years now. I kept going when they ended the personal computer service, and kept promising myself I'd review it, but I never have Would there be any advantage in moving over to BackBlaze, as mentioned in a recent thread? Are the capabilities...
  4. davidedric

    What counts as a New Post?

    When I log on to the forums, I generally click on New Posts. But often, I find posts I've already read. How does it work, please?
  5. davidedric

    Lightroom On-line Courses

    Apologies for raising this again, but I'd be grateful for any pointers. I've been using Lightroom for a few years, and I'm reasonably competent with its capabilities as they were a year or so back. However, I've really not explored the newer stuff, specifically in Develop, and I wonder if...
  6. davidedric

    Resetting preferences

    Please can someone point me to the instructions to reset preferences in Lightroom Classic Thanks
  7. davidedric

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    As a matter of interest, do you have a UPS for your computer system? I don't, and power outages are relatively rare, but I wonder if I should. I don't know how likely is corruption after a power outage My aim would be a managed and unattended power down. I don't use my system professionally...
  8. davidedric

    Change in ACR UI

    I may have missed it, but has there been much discussion of the change in the ACR UI to be much more Lightroom like? And what the motivation was? I don't use ACR or Photoshop, so it's just curiosity
  9. davidedric

    Luminous and Raw Coverters

    (Hope it's OK to post in this topic) Has anyone read a recent article in Luminous Landscape? Printing Part IV – Software Part 1 – raw converters and editors. - Luminous Landscape Although it's part of series on printing, it's essentially a head to head comparison of Raw conversion and editing in...
  10. davidedric

    Accessibility of Lightroom after terminating subscription

    I'm well aware of Adobe's position, at least as I understand it, that a lapsed subscription would leave Lightroom operating intact except for Develop and Map. However, I've seen a couple of posts elsewhere which purport to quote Adobe tech support, saying this is no longer the case and that...
  11. davidedric

    Connecting Lightroom and Adobe Portfolio

    Hi, I'm trying out Adobe Portfolio. Seems to work well enough for uploading photo grids and images. However, Adobe Help says that it's possible to automatically include and display captions entered into Lightroom. I think I'm rather confused between Galleries, Web Galleries and Albums. Can...
  12. davidedric

    8.4 crash

    Posted for information. I was having an initial play with 8.4 I was in Develop looking at an old photo and tried the dropper to set white balance. Tried to back out with Ctrl Z and crash (dump automatically sent to Adobe). I hadn't updated the pv, and the same sequence on a newer photo...
  13. davidedric

    e-books or real books?

    This is just a thread asking about your opinions. Let's take Missing FAQ's as an example. I've only had Victoria's e-books. The advantages seem obvious: always there, easily transportable, searchable, easily updatable, and so on (and a bit cheaper). However, I certainly find it easier to...
  14. davidedric

    HSL Panel problem

    I have just moved Lightroom to a new computer. I have just discovered that though I can manually drag the various sliders in the HSL panel, the Targeted Adjustment Tool does not function, whether I use a tablet or a mouse. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  15. davidedric

    Migrating to new computer - help please

    I'm attempting to migrate Lightroom Classic from my old Windows computer to a new one. So far I have copied all my photos across, and my latest Catalogue. I'm now trying to re-link the Catalogue to the files, and having problems. I'll tray a screen shot below. I have a parent folder called...
  16. davidedric


    When CrashPlan withdrew their "home" offering, we had a quite a discussion about what to do next. I was one of those who opted to carry on with their "Small Business" offer, and see what happened. As so often for me, inertia took over. It doesn't seem too expensive, so it's easier to just...
  17. davidedric

    Better news on PhotoLab and Nik

    Quoted from another forum: We are very confident that this procedure, which should not last for more than a few more weeks, will not affect our customers in any way. In fact, we are pleased to announce the following upcoming product releases: In June, we will release a free update (version...
  18. davidedric

    A small suggestion

    On my tablet, when I "click" on a menu item, there is no indication whether I've hit it or not - a change in colour for example. It would be nice if it did. Dave
  19. davidedric

    Just got my first CrashPlan invoice

    $2.99 for the month, so I guess that means I have 12 cheap months starting now. I had to search back to last summer to find the discussion - in the event, what did you CrashPlan users decide? Incidentally, payment was to "DigitalRiverIreland" - looks like tax avoidance is alive and well. Dave
  20. davidedric

    I hate to admit it but....

    Operating System: Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC But the new auto does a darn fine job. Not always, of course, and I need to better understand what it is doing (especially the negative contrast), but still Dave
  21. davidedric

    Something I didn't know about disk space

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): My primary disk is a 256Gb ssd, and it's been getting a bit full (down to 80Gb free). Of course, the latest Windows update didn't help, leaving Windows Old there. Anyway, I deleted quite a lot of stuff, but I didn't...
  22. davidedric

    Basic Portfolio question

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic CC I 've had a smugmug site for a year or two, but never really developed it. I just use it to allow family and friends to have a look (and download if they wish), and to be able to display photos in forums...
  23. davidedric

    DxO Film Pack 5 Essentials - free till end of year

    Enter your email and they send you a serial number and download link.. free till end of the year. Full working version! DxO & PROFIFOTO | If you want to try it out. Works standalone and as a plug in to Lightroom/Photoshop/Elements Dave
  24. davidedric

    Collaborative working?

    Just thinking out loud. As I understand it, the Catalogue is a simple SQLite "data base". It does not have the capabilities (locking, referential integrity and so on) that would enable it to be used as a multi-user resource. I've not read anything about the new release that suggests that's...
  25. davidedric

    George Jardine?

    I found George Jardine's videos really helpful in learning Lightroom. I decided to visit his site to see if he'd produced anything new, but there seemed to be no posts since early last year. Anyone know if he's still working? Dave