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  1. retina

    Color Checker Passport

    Running the latest version of Lightroom I'm no longer able to create colour profiles using the X-rite [now Calibrite] colour checker passport software I've checked for updates to: the Passport plugin software Adobe DNG converter Lightroom I've tried disabling/enabling...
  2. retina

    Batch rename stacks

    Is it possible to batch rename stacked/grouped images? Simple example: Five stacks with 3 images shown in the library window, all expanded. A total of 15 images shown. I want to rename the files within each stack as a group all in one go. Rename to something like: 'nameofstack1_01...
  3. retina

    Reading XMP sidecar files automatically on import

    Hi folks, is there a way for Lightroom to automatically read an associated XMP sidecar file when importing RAW files? I know that you can select any number of files and use the menu option 'Metadata>Read metadata from file' after importing, but I would like to have the option of doing this...
  4. retina

    Copyright data problems in 'print to' JPEG file

    Any clues on this one would be appreciated. On import to LR, I add metadata from a template - copyright info etc. After sorting, editing and captioning, I use the print module to create JPEG files that may be comprised of one or more images, with a border, in a custom layout for my blog. I send...
  5. retina

    Publish Services - Incremental file numbering question

    Hi all, I have a question regarding Publish Services: I want to 'publish' to dropbox via my local hard drive with one specific requirement related to file naming/numbering. I've set the file naming to 'custom name - Sequence' with a start number of 01. If I publish five images with the custom...
  6. retina

    Print collection not exporting

    Am I missing something ... If I save a print collection in Print module, then export the photos as a catalog, the print collection is not in the exported catalog. Is it possible to do this? Steve H
  7. retina

    Publish services from print module

    Hi - not quite sure which section this should really appear in but hey ... I have a workflow where I create a landscape (format) print layout with two images side by side with white borders. These are then exported as JPEG for use in a web site gallery. I want to use a third part gallery...
  8. retina

    How to duplicate or copy a collection

    Anyone know if it's possible to duplicate a collection in LR2? I've created a collection for a printed photo book with varying layouts using the "hacked"picture package layout which allows different sized panels per page. I have a number of different templates for alternative layouts to suit...