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  1. clee01l

    Export Export is not correctly naming files.

    I have a file named "Z70_4290-Pano.dng" When I attempt to export the Name gets changed to "Z70_4290-Pano. dng.jpg". Further more when I attempt to give the exported file a custom name, it becomes "CustomName. dng.jpg". Other file types (tiff etc) exhibit the same issue. I have the same...
  2. clee01l

    Portfolio Editin on an iPadPro

    I don’t know where to put this post except here. I have a Lightroom Album that I what to incorporate into my Portfolio page. I’ve done this numerous time using Safari on my IMac. On my iPad Pro I open safari (and also Chrome) to the Portfolio website. There are several places I can navigate...
  3. clee01l

    Import Cloud Syncing problem (solution)

    Yesterday, I returned from a long trip. On the trip I used my iPadPro to import my Z7 NEFs to the Adobe cloud. This part of the process went smoothly and everything I shot made it to the cloud. I expected to find all of my trip photos on my iMac when I returned. None were there and the...
  4. clee01l

    My experience with an M1 iMac. So far...

    When I ordered my iMac, I was a little concerned with the fact that it would come with only 4 ports ( 2- TB4 & 2 -USB4) The power supply has been move to a brick outside the All in one computer unit. I was surprised the I set up the new computer to fine a Gigabit ethernet port on the Power...
  5. clee01l

    Syncing Keywords

    A Little background: When I began using Lightroom (now Classic) I established a hierarchal keyword list. This worked well for me until I started using Lightroom (cloudy) At some point, my keyword lists got into a jumbled mess with som hierarchic keywords and some flat. Sometimes the same...
  6. clee01l

    Batch metadata updates

    Is it possible to assign Titles and Captions in batch or is this something that is limited to Lightroom Classic?
  7. clee01l

    A couple of questions about Lightroom mobile and video.

    When I import from a camera card ( From Camera Device) , Lightroom only shows the Photos on the card and none of the video files. If I look at the card using the Files option, I am able to navigate to the mounted volume and to the folder containing the Photos and Video. I can then import the...
  8. clee01l

    Changing the import defaults when importing into Lightroom (cloudy)

    I missed something in my self taught introduction to Lightroom cloudy importing. Specifically, I want to default to a different Camera Profile other than “Camera Standard v2” and automatically enabling lens corrections. I can do this in Lightroom Classic imports, I ought to be able to manage...
  9. clee01l

    How do I batch update keywords and Titles to selected files?

    I have a group of photos imported into Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. I want to add the same keyword phrase and the same title to all of them? Is it possible? If I multi select, any operation after that (like add keywords) the Selection goes away. If I add these to a special album, I still...
  10. clee01l

    Is Sensei Search available with Lightroom Classic?

    The AI search function in Lightroom (mobile) has great potential. Has it been added to LR Classic and if it has how do I implement ?
  11. clee01l

    Cropped image in Lightroom arrives in Photoshop upside down and other LR Classic 9.2 wierdness

    I'm seeing lots of weirdness with v9.2 or whether it is related to Lightroom Classic 9.2 Window Sizing Problem | Photoshop Family Customer Community or a new bug In the Grid view Auto advance seems to advance to the image after the next or weirdly to some new selected image at the front of the...
  12. clee01l

    Promoting Virtual Copies

    If in the folder panel I select several unique Virtual Copies and attempt to promote all of them to "Master Copy" Only the "Most Selected" gets promoted. Is there any way to update all of these selected Virtual Copies to Master copy and down grade their existing master component to Virtual?
  13. clee01l

    Library module Creating a Date named folder structure after import (something automatic or semi automatic and not manual)

    I have created about 700 Virtual copies of my very best images. These are isolated in a static collection and have a common internal (non exportable) keyword. I would like to promote these to be the Master copy and move these master files (along with associated VCs) into a new folder...
  14. clee01l

    "Stage Light" Portraits in Lightroom Classic or Photoshop

    With the latest iOS version Update, Apple now offers a portrait enhancing feature called "Stage Light". People that are isolates in the viewing circle get a nice exposure and isolated from the background which then fades away to black. Does anyone have suggestion to achieve this in Lightroom...
  15. clee01l

    Files with the Copy name of "Sync"

    When looking at older images in the "All Synced Photographs"Special Collection, I have come across duplicate files (not virtual Copies) The File will have the same name but one of the files will have the CopyName of "Sync" These are originals in Lightroom Classic and are stored in different...
  16. clee01l

    The Grand Experiment

    For many years, I have been using a rMBP as a travel computer. It has served me well. First as a travel catalog and lately as a mobile platform for the Cloudy version of LR to sync back to may masterLightroom Classic catalog. The 13” rMBP dual core w/500GB SSD is a late 2012 and probably...
  17. clee01l

    Will an iPad Pro replace my aging rMBP?

    Originally, I got an iPad (32GB) thinking it could be used to replace my Windows Laptop as a mobile device. I found it less than suitable for my Powerpoint/Keynote Nature and Photography lectures that I was giving regularly at that time. It also failed miserably as an in field repository for...
  18. clee01l

    Classic import bug

    Has anyone else noted a problem with Importing? Here is the Scenario: Dual Monitor. Lightroom main screen on the Primary monitor (Library or Develop Mode) Insert a camera card into the card reader. Lightroom invokes the Import panel. Center panel shows the import dialog Both Left Panel and...
  19. clee01l

    NC_FLLST.DAT — What to do with it in LR

    The camera card folder that holds my Nikon Z7 RAW files also contain a file named NC_FLLST.DAT. This file appears to be some sort of index of the contents in the folder on the card. It does not seem to be of any end user value and being binary, isn't even human readable. Every time I...
  20. clee01l

    Fuji X-Trans users: What is the consensus on using LR to process Fujifilm X-Trans RAW files?

    Operating System:MacOS Exact Lightroom Version: Classic 7.1 I am considering a Mirrorless camera, specifically the Fujifilm X-E3. Can I get excellent results using an all LR workflow? What is the current opinion on LRs ability to handle the X-Trans sensor data, specifically the Fujifilm X-E3...
  21. clee01l

    Can I do this in Lightroom CC (v1.0)?

    Operating System: MacOS 10.13 Lightroom Version: LRCC1.0 Question or Description of Problem:There are a some of things that I would like to do to imported images in Lightroom CC. Some things like adding labels on import look to be beyond the scope of LRCC. I would like to assign new...
  22. clee01l

    Comparing Features Between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC

    PhotographyLife has done a fair and unbiased look at the two new LR products. There is a nice table that does a good job of summarizing the two versions and I recommend that you read the article for a better understanding of the two products. Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom CC
  23. clee01l

    Which Lightroom version for me?

    Operating System: MacOS 10.13.x Lightroom Version: LR Classic 7.0 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I've got about 1.5TB of images in my LR catalog. I could probably delete half of the image inventory But...
  24. clee01l

    Lightroom and Adobe MAX

    So, Are there going to be any Lightroom announcements at the Adobe MAX conference now in progress?
  25. clee01l

    My Wife's Cousin Harvey

    Well she does have a cousin named Harvey. And it was from him that I learned that Tropical Storm Harvey was headed our way. It seemed ironic at the time. Harvey got stronger and went onto shore a few miles from my Sister in law's beach house. It surely sustained major damage if it is not...