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  1. Woodbutcher

    Slight green cast on B&W prints

    Glad I could help. Remember that a sepia toned or one of the other "color" toned black and whites you will need to leave that unchecked, but pure B&W keep it checked. And it may auto uncheck. I think I've been bit by that doing a series of prints.
  2. Woodbutcher

    Slight green cast on B&W prints

    Are you checking the Black and White Photo print option in the Quality and Media section of the print dialog? I find with my Pro-100 that I get a color cast in a print that is a B&W conversion if I don't select that option. That forces it to use the 3 black related cartridges. (black, dark...
  3. Woodbutcher

    Favorite Plug-ins

    Anyfilter and Smugmug Publish is about it for me.
  4. Woodbutcher

    Unable to publish to Smugmug.

    Looks like at least one of the files you are uploading is too large and they are letting you know it will be resized. Here's link to some info about that. I will say that I don't like the wording of the error. I'd...
  5. Woodbutcher

    Cache purge in latest Lightroom Classic release

    My post was in reference to Automatic Preview Purging described here: My preview file went to ⅓ the previous size after upgrading to 11.4.
  6. Woodbutcher

    Cache purge in latest Lightroom Classic release

    LrC now automatically removes previews for deleted pictures which keeps the file from increasing and never decreasing. It didn't use to. You can delete the preview file and it will get recreated, but in your case, I'd just set my backup tool to ignore the file. There is no reason to save it...
  7. Woodbutcher

    Merits of using a 2K vs. 4K monitor

    I have a mac with two externals and the laptop screen. One external is 4k and the other 2k. At the MacOS level, I have the 4k set to a lower display setting and the LrC fonts are fine. The image that LrC shows though, is at the higher resolution. For instance, if I have LrC app almost...
  8. Woodbutcher

    Recreating the embedded preview look on RAW?

    I think you nailed it with #4and #5. The profile only gets you closer to what the camera had, you really need to tweak it to get the final image you want.
  9. Woodbutcher

    Recreating the embedded preview look on RAW?

    Sorry, got distracted there. If you are getting A(auto) profile, it is picking one on its own and it you can't set LrC to Auto choose the camera profile on import. Or I don't think you can, but you can pick a single one to assign.
  10. Woodbutcher

    Recreating the embedded preview look on RAW?

    I use the Faithful picture profile on both my Canon cameras. Not a lot of processing is done in camera for the embedded preview. I have an import preset that applies the Profile to be the Camera Faithful also. So I don't get much difference switching from the embedded preview and going into...
  11. Woodbutcher

    Bug in V5.4 update?

    Yep, I was able to confirm on a Mac also.
  12. Woodbutcher

    Automatic preview purging.

    Yes, that was a nice feature to add. I was worried it might bog LrC while it cleaned up the previews, but it was fast and other than free space, I noticed nothing. It cut my preview file size in half.
  13. Woodbutcher

    Lightroom Classic with a NAS on a Mac

    Yep, that's my workflow. You don't say whether you are Mac or Windows though, or what version of LrC you are using. If you could post that, it would let us know if we are comparing the same thing. But as I said before, I don't want to derail this thread. Maybe a moderator could unlock my...
  14. Woodbutcher

    Lightroom Classic with a NAS on a Mac

    Okay, for basic NAS use, you are on the right track and Johan has the answers for you on getting the Cloud data local. The reason I bring up my issue is you may run into it down the road. I tested it with latest MacOS and LRC and it still exists. Basically, if you Edit in Photoshop option...
  15. Woodbutcher

    Lightroom Classic with a NAS on a Mac

    I had an issue with having my photos on a NAS with the previous versions of MacOS and LRC. I'll make a special catalog and put some pics on my NAS to restest. I'll report back if it is still an issue. I have a post on this site with my problem so I won't rehash it here in case it is solved.
  16. Woodbutcher

    Camera not detected when tethering to Lightroom

    Hmm, that seems odd. When you say "tethered", you do mean shooting the camera with a USB cable and Lightroom directly receiving the image as soon as you shoot? I ask because you mention FTP server and wifi. It is actually very simple. I have 5D IV and just verified. I hook the usb cable...
  17. Woodbutcher

    Different exposure between edit and develop modules

    Wait, 11.2 has the publish bug, right? I'm happy that's working now. But I get random startup crashes. Like it crashes before the splash screen sometimes. on 11.3.1 Sorry, I started to derail this thread. Guess I'll consider going back also.
  18. Woodbutcher

    Is it worth replacing HD on a 2012 Imac (27" screen)?

    The internal drive on my iMac of that generation died and I just started using it with an external drive. I used it that way for over a year before I finally got a faster laptop to become my main machine. I'm an IT guy and used to do lots of hardware stuff, but I just looked at what a pain it...
  19. Woodbutcher

    Smugmug plugin taking forever to update a gallery

    You might try removing the smugmug plugin and stopping LrC. Then download the plugin again from Smugmug and install it. About a year ago I had to go through that to get the plugin working again for a different issue.
  20. Woodbutcher

    Smugmug plugin taking forever to update a gallery

    Yep, I should have commented that it appears to work normally for me now as far as speed.
  21. Woodbutcher

    1920x1080 vs 3840x2160 on a 4K monitor

    I have dual monitors. One 2k and one 4k. When I work on the 4k, instead of zooming in to 100% to check sharpness, I tend to go to 200%. Makes sense mathematically, but something to know. But overall, I like working on the higher res monitor. Much crisper. And BTW, 1080p would be 1k. So...
  22. Woodbutcher

    My Dropbox saga

    FYI, watch for some oddball behavior if you use "Edit In" option to send files to photoshop or other external editors when the original is on the NAS. I gave up on the NAS as primary storage because the return from the external editor was a adding a new, non-aliased folder name (newer mac os...
  23. Woodbutcher

    Develop module Slow Lightroom on extremely fast M1 MAX MacBook pro 16"

    I'm sorry if I missed this in the other posts, but I looked. And this is potentially a stupid question on my part, but are you sure you are running the M1 version of LR and not the Intel version?
  24. Woodbutcher

    HELP! Please advise if you can. Kill or Quit?

    If you click right where is says "Copy and Import Photos" it will show you what is going on. You can also click on that little X by the progress bar and stop the import. Then you should be able to exit LR normally. But if you opt for either of the options you suggested, I'd go with the LR...
  25. Woodbutcher

    Auto import to LR M wrong capture time

    Sounds like you need to take the issue to Adobe Support. Being off 18 minutes is odd.