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  1. Paul McFarlane

    Photoshop Virtual Summit 4

    The online Photoshop Virtual Summit is back! We know loads enjoyed the Photoshop Summit last year, and this year the format is the same: 5 days, 20 instructors teaching 40 classes. Once again this year it offers the opportunity to watch all the classes for free. Once a class is released...
  2. Paul McFarlane

    UK Photographers alert - Amazon deals on Adobe Lightroom plans

    Amazon have a Black Friday deal running for both the Photography Plan (20GB) and the Lightroom 1TB (cloud) subscriptions. They are currently 33% discounted!!! You can add the year you purchase (currently just £79.99) to the end of your current subscription (must be the same plan type). I just...
  3. Paul McFarlane

    Photoshop Virtual Summit 3 - now open for registration

    Earlier this year, Matt Kloskowski and Dave Cross organized a 5 day virtual Lightroom conference that many of us enjoyed. There was a lot of very positive feedback on the forum, both from experienced and newer Lightroom users. They have organized a 5 day virtual Photoshop event in October! This...
  4. Paul McFarlane

    New Texture slider - what uses have you found?

    We've had the Texture slider for a few weeks now, I've found it useful on a whole range of situations but especially liked the changes it made to the elephant skin (sort of gives it - texture!) I wondered what photos others have found it especially helpful for, perhaps you'd like to share a pic...