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  1. Roelof Moorlag

    Licensing on Google Images, what

    I noticed this blog about a (interesting) change in Google Images. It's about what IPTC fields to use in Photo Mechanic. Can we use this new feature of Google images with Lightroom Classic also?
  2. Roelof Moorlag

    On how many devices is Lightroom mobile allowed?

    I have the Creative Cloud Photography Plan (20 GB) and i'm using mainly Lightoom Classic (LrC). On my iphone i'm using Lightroom mobile and i let it sync the images back into my Classic catalog. Can i let my (3) family members also using the Mobile app so their images are consolidating into the...
  3. Roelof Moorlag

    Benchmark available for testing Lightroom Classic performance on Windows computers

    Today Puget systems has made available a free benchmark for testing Lightroom Classic performance on Windows computers:
  4. Roelof Moorlag

    What is it good for, the option 'Export this folder as catalog' on missing folder?

    Just for my curiousity, does someone know what the point is about this option? There must be an idea behind it.
  5. Roelof Moorlag

    Much faster DNG validation in Classic CC 7.2?

    The DNG validation i did in 7.1 last week (93K photo's) took + 12 hours. After updating to 7.2 the same DNG validation took 6 hours. I know Adobe did a lot of development for this version to improve performance but i did not read anything about DNG validation. Does anybody recognize this...
  6. Roelof Moorlag

    Developing an exit strategy

    While i will probably continue to use Lightroom (Classic) over the coming years i'm determined to develop an exit strategy in the meantime. When Adobe introduced their CC plan some years ago they promised us there would be a perpetual, standalone version of Lightroom available. A few days ago...
  7. Roelof Moorlag

    No DNG validation on DNG's made bij Lighroom mobile IOS

    I never have taken my mobile phone photo's very seriously so i did not manage them. Recently i decided to go experimenting and installed Lighroom on my iphone. The pictures i took with it are synchronized with my desktop as expected but none of these DNG's can be validated by Lightroom (deskop)...
  8. Roelof Moorlag

    Vote for new idea on Adobe's feedback sit

    I just posted a new feature request at Adobes feedback site: "There is a 'like' button so people can vote for a new feature request. Now, i would like a 'dislike' button addition to adress suggestions and idea's that not adding any value to the program." Anyone who does like this idea can...
  9. Roelof Moorlag

    Ingest and cull with Photomechanic instead of Lightroom?

    I made my workflow as efficient as i could the last years by eliminating all different programs i used and consolidate everything into lightroom. So no more "best-of-breed", an idea that i originally (and still) like. However, i made to many mistakes by all manual steps, it costed to much time...
  10. Roelof Moorlag

    Who does recognize this error?

    I noticed this error, does anyone know what it mean?
  11. Roelof Moorlag

    Search added to Lightroom web

    Nice, Adobe introducing 'Technology Preview' to test new functionality, starting with search: Introducing Technology Previews and Search in Lightroom on the web
  12. Roelof Moorlag

    Windows Explorer is crashing on DNG (compatible Lightroom 4.1)

    I almost never navigate to my folders with DNG files so i never noticed before but explorer is crashing on folders where DNG's reside which are made with compatibility with Lightroom 4.1 (CR 7.1). First i tought it had to do with my RAF files, turned into DNG's but i think it has to do with the...
  13. Roelof Moorlag

    Indispensable for colaboration in Lightroom mobile

    For collaboration with others in Lightroom mobile i discovered John R. Ellis his 'Any Comment' plugin very very valuable! It allows you to collect all 'likes' in stead of manual looking for them in all your sychronized collections. Any Comment Lightroom Plugin
  14. Roelof Moorlag

    Can i find out which files are not synchronizing?

    In LR CC i can see at the top '18 photo's synchronizing' and the number is not decreasing. I have lots of sychronized collections and hundreds of photo's, how can i find which of those 18 are causing trouble?
  15. Roelof Moorlag

    Possible to export a overview of (collapsed) collections?

    I have quite a lot of Collections, organized in collection sets. Whithin those sets i have regular collections and smart collections. Now i want to show a collopsed view of a part of my organiasion structure to someone without Lightroom. I don't have to show the pictures, only the organisation...
  16. Roelof Moorlag

    How to find all photo's with a certain Copyrightinfo URL ?

    By coincidence i noticed a wrong URl in one of my photo's (in the Copyrightinfo URL field). Because i'm using import templates to add these kind of information at my photo's on ingestion there must be more of these wrong URL's. However, i can not find the right search criteria and/or smart...
  17. Roelof Moorlag

    Experience with Amazon Cloud Drive?

    Does anyone here have any experience with Amazon Cloud Drive?*Version*=1&*entries*=0 12,99 a year is very appealing to me... Is there any catch or disadvantage? I'm testing it now and i noticed some errors: I checked...
  18. Roelof Moorlag

    In wich collection(s) belongs this image?

    Is there a simple visual way to quickly see if an selected image belongs to one of more collections? (Like that could in Expression Media/ Media Pro)
  19. Roelof Moorlag

    How to make one of my import presets the default?

    Is it possible to make one of my import presets (the one i use most of the time) make the default so i do not have to pick it every import again?
  20. Roelof Moorlag

    DNG validation takes a long time?

    Is it normal that the DNG validate option (for the complete catalog, in my situation 73.000 images) takes lots of time?
  21. Roelof Moorlag

    Advice on how to migrate ExpressionMedia Catalog sets to Lightroom Smart Collections

    I'm prepairing to switch from EM to LR and one of the metadata that's not compatible are 'Catalog Sets'. I want them to transfer in LR to Smart Collections and now i wonder how that can be acomplished best. Is it best to put the names of all seperate catalog sets into the keywords manualy...
  22. Roelof Moorlag

    Filename editor question

    My filename convention is: YYYY_MM_Sequence (4 digits) I managed to make the filename editor do this for me on import: Now, there is one thing i would to finetune: The sequence does start from the number i put in. Standard that is 1 but i can change it every import. However, i would like LR to...
  23. Roelof Moorlag

    Is there a good 14" windows laptop for lightroom?

    I'm considering purchasing a 14" because it seems to me the perfect size. 15" is too big for traveling and 13" too small for work on whole days. However i have some requirements... The specs i'm thinking of: - Powerfull enough to run Lightroom 5 smoothly and tethering or greenscreen software...
  24. Roelof Moorlag

    Nikon Image Space - Free & Paid

    2 Gb free space.Nikon owners can get an free upgrade to 20 Gb.
  25. Roelof Moorlag

    What use does the IPTC Extension field 'Person Shown' have?

    As a former Expression Media user i found the LR 'Person Shown' field a very interesting replacement for the EM 'People' field. However, it appears to be that this is one of the few fields wich are not searchable... So, what's the use of it then? Or is it possible after all to search this...