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    Exit People View

    I entered people view by accident, how do I exit? The Automatically detect faces in all photos check box is empty. My screen is stuck at the welcome to People view screen and I can't clear it in the Library Module.
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    Lightroom v11 update

    I recently updated to Lrv11 and I have the following files that I believe are relevant only to v10. Is it safe to delete these files? Lightroom Catalog-2-2 Helper.lrdata Lightroom Catalog-2-2-v10 Helper.lrdata Lightroom Catalog-2-2.lrcat Lightroom Catalog-2-2-v10.lrcat Thank you.
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    Moving catalog, previews and backup folders to a new disk drive

    What is the safest way to move the catalog, previews and backup folders to a new disk drive?
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    Erratic involuntary brush strokes while using the Adjustment Brush in LR Classic

    While editing an image with adjustment brush, I get very slow response and erratic and involuntary brush stokes. It happens on numerous files, but very frequently on the file I'm currently editing. There are numerous brush edits in this file and response time and brush stroke errors are...
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    Move Collection Set

    How do I move a collection set to include it in another collection set? I was able to move one collection set to a new collection set using drag & drop, but lightroom refuses to drop other collection sets inside the collection set where it dropped the previous set. I don't get an error or a...
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    Graduated Filter

    Trying to use graduated filter, but demarcation lines are not visible. The filter shows in history but I can't see where to align it. My graphic care is updated to the latest drivers and Lightroom Clasic is updated to the latest version.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

    Are there reported issues with LR Classic running on an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X? I am having occasional delayed responses and hangs for several seconds when working in the Develop module. I'm running LR on a 1TB M.2 SSD. The OS is on a separate 500GB internal SSD. The raw files are also on the 1...
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    Drag and drop from folders to collections has stopped working

    Dragging & dropping raw images from folders in LR to collections has worked for me for years . Today It just refuses to work. I am currently using LR classic desktop subscription version. When I click a photo and start to drag, the little hand pointer (move) shows until about half the icon...
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    Email from LR Classic

    I tried to setup a gmail account in LR and my email password was rejected. I started to enter the password a second time and LR opened the email window before I completed entering the password. I proceeded to send the email with attached files and LR appeared to send the email . Than I...
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    Moving LR Files to external Drive

    I am moving LR to a new computer and I need to move about 4TB of image files to an external drive. See screen capture below. There is a total of about 60,000 files (1.8TB) on the drive shown in the screen shot. With the exception of LR2 Photos and Photo Library folders, only the folders on...
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    Library module Parent Folders no longer show total number of files in their sub-folders

    I am preparing to move Lightroom Classic to a new computer. As part of the process, from within lightroom, I moved some photos to an external HDD. Since the move I noticed that the parent folders in the library module no longer show the total number of photos included in the sub-folders. The...
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    Library module Catalog Button Missing in LR5

    The Catalog Button in LR5 library has disappeared. There is no little arrowhead switch where the button should be. How do I recover the button?
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    Luminance Noise in Lr 4.4

    I have noticed a Luminance noise issue with images in Lr4 when processing raw files. The noise exists with images shot with low ISO (100) and get worse as the ISO increases or light diminishes. It is more noticeable in low light photos but can exist in photos shot in mid day. As expected the...
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    Printing Cropped Photos

    I have 26 JPG photos that are cropped in various styles. Some are landscape, some are portrait, some are thin portrait, and some are virtually square. How can I process them in the print module so that they will all print in a 4x6 or 5x7 format at Cosco. I tried exporting them as JPG files...
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    LR4.2 Upgrade to 4.3

    I am currently running LR4.2 and experiencing crashes immediately after clicking the LR4 icon to load the program. This happens approximately every 3 to 5 times I load LR. Is this an issue that is corrected in 4.3? If I install 4.3 does it change my current preferences and presets?