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    MBA late 2012 & no GPU support

    I could have sworn my 2012 MacBook Air was using the GPU prior to the latest upgrade (stand alone) but I just went to the performances tab and when attempting to check it on, it reports errors discovered and defaults to off. Has something changed?
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    CS6 HDR Pro merge psd result not readable

    No doubt I'm doing something wrong. Grab three raws in LR 4.3, right click and edit in CS6 via Merge to HDR Pro. CS6 comes up, completes, I hit OK in the 32bit screen, then select SAVE. a psd file is created, and shows up back in LR as a black file indicating there is an error. Only thing...
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    Print to jpeg DOESN'T USE FILENAME?

    So, either I'm missing something (quite possible) or there is a bug in the Print Module on 4.1 Scenario: worked on a photo (5x7) went over to the print module, set it specifically to print a 5x7 on 5x7 paper, selected output to jpeg and it does not come up with the filename.jpg as the default...
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    Enable lens correction profile ERROR

    LR 4.1. This worked perfectly last week when I uploaded 200 photos all taken with my Canon EF 400 2.8L IS and Mk IV body. After importing, I went into Develop, then Len Corrections, clicked on Enable Lens Corrections and poof!, it automatically finds my lens and applies the corrections. Today...
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    Anybody else confirmed this issue with LR 4 install over existing LR3?

    see attached link to a thread on
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    Can't disable IMPORT SCREEN

    Auto import is turned off. If I put a cd or dvd in the drive, LR 3.3 opens up and then brings up the import screen. Would like to set it to ignore any disk being put in the drive but can't seem to find the setting.... sure would appreciate someone pointing me to where to look. Thanks, Matt
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    Print Module fix is when?

    Have read nothing lately about the continual problems people are having with the print module in a color managed environment/system and getting a output equal to what is on their screen. Have tried all options and none of the results are even close. Yet the exact same file printed via QImage...
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    64 to 32bit Windows

    Have LR 2.1RC 64bit installed. How do I tell it to boot up in 32bit mode so I can hopefully resolve some print module problems? Regards, Matt
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    Ctrl-E direct to CS3 no window

    Hitting Ctrl-E brings up CS3 without giving me the opportunity to select settings in the options window that is supposed to pop up but doesn't. Also, a direct save in CS3 follwed by an exit and the edited file is not in LR2, I have to import it. From reading Photoshop Mag this appears to...
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    How to delte NamePlates

    There must be a way the user can delete unwanted Nameplates, just cannot seem to locate it. Have also looked in the directory structure for where they might be located but no luck there either. Matt