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    What to do when sign out/in doesn't fix LRCC start issue??

    Ive been hammering away at this since yesterday with no success. Just deleted LRCC and deleted (as best I could) the CC app, then reinstalled both. Signed out then in, yet again, to no avail. Ive tried chat support and abandoned that after an hour of no response. LR 5.7.1 runs well. Windows...
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    LRCC not starting - wrong CC version running??

    I'm one of those not having any luck getting LRCC to start. I've done the whole log out/in thing numerous times, reinstalled, and reinstalled CC. What I just noticed in task manager is that it indicates that Creative Cloud 32 bit is running on my 64 bit machine. Any chance this could be the...
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    How to force LR Desktop to push images?

    Ok, still having a few hiccups adopting a mobile workflow. I just moved a collection into LRM on my desktop but it hasn't sync'd with my iPad. I can't find any option to make that happen. Currently the collection has been moved into the Lightroom Mobile section in LR5.4, but now how do I make it...
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    Images to Creative Cloud??

    Ok, now that it appears Adobe have fixed the PS Touch CC sync problem, it now becomes clear that being able to upload images to the CC is needed. Is there a way to do this via LR Mobile? (Please say yes?!)
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    Learning hiccups - advice and help?! Disappearing collections...

    Twice now, while working with my iPad as the initial source (camera to LRM and building collection from there), my finished mobile collection has disappeared leaving me with no collections on the iPad. Are the collections not saved? They don't appear on either desktop machine (even though LRM...
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    LR Mobile / Photoshop Touch integration?

    Just wondering if Victoria or anyone else here might know if there are plans to make LRM and PST work together in a more seamless manner - assuming Adobe fixes the PST Cloud sync bug.
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    What to expect?

    Just wondering (and I know Adobe is loathe to divulge even the smallest hints) what components from desktop LR are to make the transition to mobile? We we all know that ratings are coming (thank goodness). Will we get a little more "depth" in tuning abilities (for example a scaled down...