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  1. Gnits

    Total Number Of Images Does Not Equal Number of Master Plus Virtual.

    In my Catalog the 'All Photographs' total is 113,755. Using the Attribute Filter Bar (having selected all images) I find the following. Original Images 113,225 Virtual Images 473 Videos 54 Total Original + Virtual + Videos = 113,752 This is 3...
  2. Gnits

    Looking for Lightroom table / field for ‘Missing Image’ status.

    A friend of mine with a very large catalog of 700k images stored on 3 * 12 TB drives suffered a disk failure. The disk contained approx 330k images. Backups exist but are not complete. After considerable effort and using a variety of recovery tools, I am fairly sure I have recovered most of...
  3. Gnits

    Icc Paper Profiles

    I understand Colour Management, but have come across the following issue on a friends new Mac Laptop (so assume recent o/s) and Lightroom 11.1 The required profile (downloaded from the Canson web site) is visible in the following folders. Mac HD > MyUserName > Library > Colorsync >...
  4. Gnits

    Smart Collection Problem

    I have the following smart collection. I have given the images in colour a keyword of xcolour. When I execute the above criteria (to find all mono images) it reaveals images which do not belong in the specified folder. (I have tried with quotes and without quotes on the search criteria)...
  5. Gnits

    Not staying logged in

    I have to continuously log in with iphone and ipads... there is probably a neat solution ..... as I remained logged in previously. The hassle of logging in with a complex password means that I just do not visit the forums as often.
  6. Gnits

    Off Topic. How To Save An Outlook 2017 Msg as Pdf

    This is off topic, but I am looking for a good tool to save an email as a pdf from within latest version of Outlook (ie 2016/2017/ 365). I have tried various options and plug-ins in the past with varied degrees of success/failure. I am hoping there is an industrial strength solution someone...
  7. Gnits

    Lightroom Performance ....something to watch out for.

    I have an automated backup process which copies my P drive (photos and data) to another internal drive (Q). Every so often, I connect an external drive (T) which I use to create a synchronised copy of my data drive P. Yesterday, I noticed something unusual. My machine was experiencing an...
  8. Gnits

    Grid View. Sort in FileName Seq is not working.

    Unable to sort a grid in filename sequence. Tried reverse (ie z-a as well as a-z). Tried changing to a different sequence and then back to filename seq. Still displayed in the wrong sequence. Any ideas. I have optimising the catelog but still no joy.
  9. Gnits

    Any idea how to re-create my catelog from scratch, without losing virtual images etc.

    For performance reasons I would like to build my catelog (70,000 images) from scratch. If I rebuild just using my well structured image repositary (even with all xml files update) I will lose all my virtual images and other image data stored only inside the catelog database. I have a filtered...