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    Library Sync

    Could somebody ex[plain the meaning g of the attached error and how to rectify? Thank you
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    Adobe subscription

    Could someone please tell me where I can find the run out date of my subscription? I've looked under manage plan and just cannot see it. It is all rather strange, to me, as this is a subscription which is open ended yet Adobe talk of cancellation fees if you cancel within the period (presumably...
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    LrC not closing cleanly

    Every so often I find the LrC has not closed properly. This is evidenced by the fact that when restarted it crashes and reports that it did not close properly. It then fires a crash report off to Adobe. This is infrequent but regular if you see what I mean. Is anybody else seeing this - on M1...
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    Map Module Locations

    For some strange reason I cannot update the location info in the metadata. I drag the image onto the map and nothing happens. Likewise if I right click on the location within the map nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thank you
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    Nested Keywords

    Not sure if I am missing something but if I have a nested keyword - say England>Cornwall - then when I enter the keyword "Cornwall" that is all I see unless I switch from Enter to Keywords and Containing where it will show me the keywords England and Cornwall. To me this seems a bit odd and I...
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    Pure Raw

    Just for experimentation I ran a raw file through DxO PhotoLab Deep Prime (equiv of Pure Raw I believe) and the quality of the DNG returned to Lr certainly appeared to be better than the original nef. It carried more detail. Tried the same process using using Adobe's Enhance Detail and it came...
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    Range Masks

    If I remember correctly, in the old way of masking in Lr one could use a range mask with a gradient. Is there a way to do that in the new masking panel? Thank you
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    Site Performance

    I am getting very poor response times from the forum. Is there an ongoing issue?
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    Hierarchical Keywords

    Can somebody explain how to set up hierarchical keywords (running in an M1 iMac). I have followed the instructions contaIned here, and specifically those relating to adding a hierarchy when keywords are already in use, but it seems to do absolutely nothing!
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    Importing Help

    I have just killed a catalogue on purpose. The idea is to get rid of all the adjustments and reimport the images in their unedited state. I deleted the Lightroom folder and did a new import of the images, creating a new catalogue. However on opening the images the existing adjustments are still...
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    Switching between before and after images

    When switching between before and after (/) it can take a long time and the dreaded spinning beach ball is evident. This is on a 24 inch M1 iMac with 16 gig ram and a 1 tb ssd. The images are on an external ssd, a Samsung T5, but the delay is not evident on all images.
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    Range Masking - eye dropper

    Running an M1 iMac with 16 gig ram. When setting up a range mask I cannot get the dropper to show on the screen after clicking on the image (cannot get the box to show either). Have tried shift, control and option/ click to no avail. The mask does seem to generate ok though. Any thoughts?
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    Photography Plan

    I have the Photography Plan and have done so for an age. Why then do I see the below banner, which states I am on the Free Plan? Also, how do I increase storage space? THanks Colin
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    Image Preview Quality

    Been playing around with DXO Photolab and it is a fact that the image preview (fit to screen) is a downgraded view of the image that will be produced on export (be that export print or otherwise). Often the difference in quality is significant and you have to view the image at at least 75% to...
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    Capture One has come up with a rather nice addition to image export where you can see a proof of the image prior to carrying out the physical export. Lr has proofing for print but is there a way to achieve it for file export? Thanks
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    Filter bar

    I select a folder of images in the Library and then enter the filter bar (metadata) to see the creation dates of the images. A screen shot is attached and shows that date as 10th June. I close the filter bar and go to another folder and do the same thing. A screen shot is attached and as can be...
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    Raw from Lr to Ps

    Not sure what I am missing but at one time I seem to recall that all raw files when transferred from Lr to Ps opened in the ACR filter. This does not now appear to be the case? Not here anyway!
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    Before and After "\" key

    I have reset an image, so no adjustments are recorded, yet when I click on the \ in develop there is a difference between before and after. What am I missing? I would have expected them to be the same.
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    Enhanced Detail

    I suspect this has been asked before but I could not find it! Enhanced Detail, when and how should it be used in the editing flow (I shoot Fuji X)? My understanding is that it stood be used before any sharpening/noise reduction so the Lr defaults in this regard should be set to zero. But what...
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    Cannot Import image

    I have an image in an Adobe LrCC folder that has not been imported. I run sync on the folder via Lr and the image does not show up. The file is there and not broken as I can open it in Ps. What is strange is that the import dialogue that comes up during sync says there are two images but only 1...
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    I have a series of images from a holiday in Coverack, Cornwall. One of my keywords is therefore "Coverack Holiday". Various trips out were undertaken during that holiday - some spent in Coverack itself and they have the keyword "Coverack". Other places visited have their name in the keywords -...
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    Have some plugins showing in Lr's Plugin Manager (and therefore showing up in under the Plugin Extras menu in Lr) that I want to remove. But how? The "remove" button in the Plugin Manager is greyed out and the plugins do not show in Lr's Preferences/External Editing. Any ideas please? Am...
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    External SSD

    Have just been given an external SSD for my iMac. At present everything to do with LrC is on my internal Fusion drive. Would there be any advantages in moving some things to the SSD? Maybe all images, the cache, catalogue etc. Performance of Lr is not too bad actually but if I can speed it up a...
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    Opening raw Image in Ps

    In the past, when I opened a raw file in Ps via Lr it opened in the ACR window within Ps. Now when I open it just opens as a base layer in Ps. What has changed or am I missing something? Happened with nef and rad files.
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    Colour Space

    Running an iMac 4k and wonder what colour space I should assign to the screen? There is iMac, iMac Callibrated plus Adobe RGB (1998), Prophoto RGB and several others available. By default "iMac" is set but I wonder if I should change this to ProPhoto or Adobe RGB (1998). Have Googled but can...