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  1. Paul_DS256

    Slight green cast on B&W prints

    As a test, you may want to try allowing LRC to manage the colour by using one of the ICC profiles that likely may have already been installed. If not see, Just make sure that colour management is turned off in the printer...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Slight green cast on B&W prints

    Is LRC or the printer managing colour? In other words, are you using an ICC profile for the printer and paper?
  3. Paul_DS256

    Should I throw out my old Photoshop 6.0 manual?

    IMHO printed or eBook manuals still have their use like Victoria’s LrC ebooks that are updated with each new release. However, these days I am much more like to Google the question looking for an answer. As an example, I am not a regular PS user but needed to learn how to edit a photo with a...
  4. Paul_DS256

    Very strange issue with projector

    Doh. Sorry. I forget to check the forum.
  5. Paul_DS256

    Very strange issue with projector

    So for my confusion, but is this a LrC question of Apple Preview App question?
  6. Paul_DS256

    Very strange issue with projector

    I understand your confusion with the differences between the views and have no immediate solutions. I would start by ensuring your HP laptop is calibrated so you know which is the correct presentation. Unless it is a high end projector, you will likely have issues matching the laptop. Check...
  7. Paul_DS256

    Export a Map view to a .GPX file

    It looks like there are options if you first export the files then use a 3rd party tool to create the GPX. Google “create gpx file from photos”
  8. Paul_DS256

    Random colors when printing

    Is colour management being done by the printer in both cases? If using ICC profiles, you may want ton consider reinstalling/upgrading them. Check what it looks like in Soft Proofing with the ICC
  9. Paul_DS256

    How do you catalog your photos?

    From my experience, and reading, one size does not fit all in my humble opinion. I think there are different needs between amateur and professional. I store my photos by location then year if I get a large number. I do this because if I’m looking for a photo I will likely remember where I took...
  10. Paul_DS256

    Export exporting xmp or dng?

    I know I’m late to this thread but what will your external editor accept? Also, since it’s one way, why not just use TIFF? If the external editor has a LrC plugin, you can get the results back allowing you to manage all interactions of your image in LrC
  11. Paul_DS256

    Ps and LrC Artificial intelligence, hardware and performance

    My take is that as hardware vendors adds increased capacity, which enables software vendors to add new features that can now be practically delivered. In other words, don't get hung up on the term 'AI'. There is no measurable definition of AI over a clever new algorithm. There is nothing to say...
  12. Paul_DS256

    Cannot sign into Cloud-based from Chromebook?

    You didn't mention which Lightroom app you are trying to use on Chromebook. This thread may help.
  13. Paul_DS256

    Flash power in metadata?

    Also, working backwards, your flash would have to report it, your camera would have to accept it an record it in the metadata.
  14. Paul_DS256

    Workflow that uses Topaz JPEG 2 RAW

    I don’t use it and as @Victoria Bampton says, why not just shoot RAW to begin with which is what I do. Now that you’ve made me aware of this, the only place I may consider it is with some older photos that were only in JPG. This includes cell phone pictures. However, in terms of workflow, I’d...
  15. Paul_DS256

    Need Recommendations

    I would start by checking features for tablet and laptop. Not all are available on each. Also look at user interface. Can you do without a mouse? Once that’s done, check the system requirements.
  16. Paul_DS256

    No keywords in PNG files?

    Peter, the issue is that Windows File Explorer likely does not show the keywords that are there. Try an upload to Picafair and/or ClickaSnap to see if you see the keywords in the PNG.
  17. Paul_DS256

    After I used "transform" it is not shown in the preview in library

    I'm not on MAC but have noticed in previous versions of LrC on Windows there can be a delay if the preview being recreated. Check again to see if that's your case.
  18. Paul_DS256

    Find Photos Based on Colour Combinations in Picture

    Thanks Victoria. It looks like it may since it will return the Dominant Colour property from Google
  19. Paul_DS256

    Find Photos Based on Colour Combinations in Picture

    I've tried Googling this but don't think I've constructed the query correctly. I'm swapping out a photo in a gallery wall because it's colours clasht with the predominant mix of colours in other photos. What I would like to do is query my catalog and find pictures with, for example...
  20. Paul_DS256

    Color management / Color Matching

    FWIW, this is also true in Windows, which I use, but I find I have to double check the printer settings to make sure the changes have been communicated. Occasionally, they haven't. Not saying that is the same for MacOS but worth a check.
  21. Paul_DS256

    Does LrC have any kind of Command startup /switches ?

    I would be surprised if that much memory is your problem. Your resource list did not list all of your plug-ins. I'm wondering if one of those is causing problems. Have you looked at LightroomQueen's performance blog for ideas? I'd be careful here. There is a difference between VM management...
  22. Paul_DS256

    File naming when using plugins

    I think there a number of us who wish for that feature @jjlad. Unfortunately, you've discovered that what a number of us have already complained about. As a workaround, I try to remember to rename the image when it comes back into LrC.
  23. Paul_DS256

    Sky Replacement

    Doh! Thanks @Jim Wilde. I forget how many sub-forums I signed up for and that there was one for "Photoshop & External Editors ". Sorry @msmack, I just wanted to make sure you got the best answer.
  24. Paul_DS256

    Sky Replacement

    I think you are talking about Photoshop rather than LrC which this forum addresses.
  25. Paul_DS256

    3rd party Noise apps

    That would not be the best workflow for me since there are only infrequent photos I need to remove noise from. I do everthing in LrC and use Topaz plug-ins when I need noise reduction or sharpening.