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    Flash power in metadata?

    Hi all, where I can find out in lightroom settings on how much power the flash was fired? I am not looking for compensation but mostly on the power like 1/8, 1/32 and so on. Regards, Alex
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    What can I do when I am away from my editing pc?

    Hi all, I am a photographer in Germany and I am going to spend two months shooting weddings in Greece. I wanted your help to understand what I can do while I am in greece with the lightroom platform. I can run lightroom on my laptop but I am mostly skeptical if I Will have to do the same work...
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    Basic adjustments but fast

    Hi all, any tips on how to do very fast basic adjustments on pictures? I click the buttons with a mouse in Quick develop modules but I feel some shortcuts will be way too faster. Any tips?
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    Auto synch takes time to be applied

    Hi all. Let's say that I select three pictures, I press N to see all three pictures together. I enable the auto-sync button and then I adjust lets say exposure. The idea is to modify exposure in 3 images at the same that were shot with the same settings . I have noticed that it takes way too...
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    Change time stamps

    Hi all, it seems like that one of my two cameras had wrong time zone and the timestamps are now one hour later of what they should be. How I can remove one hour for all the files of this camera. The camera I can pick from the serial number but how I can change for all photos the time stamps with...
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    Collection does not order by date

    Hi all, I had, lets say an artist collection, that was called "artist". That collection included photos that were captured 3 years ago. Today I dragged and dropped the photos, once they have been imported to lightroom. So I dragged them from "Previous Import" to the collection "artist"...
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    Shoot in Greece, Edit in Germany

    Hi all, (the two countries in the title serve as an example). Let's say that I am shooting in Greece and next day after the shoot I take the plane. Is it possible to upload the raw somewhere (adobe?) before I leave Greece, so when I arrive Germany I can download the files? Of course I can take...
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    Lightroom backups folder

    Hi all my lightroom backup folder gets bigger and bigger can you please help on what I can remove and what I should keep? How many older versions do I need to keep and how I do remove a much older version?
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    Tablet for lightroom

    Hi there, can I use this tablet from my sister for lightroom editing? Is it more than "ok" ? or is it just a compromise? I tried it the other day and it has felt super unnatural editing with it. Alex
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    Course for learning photoshop

    Hi all, I am looking for a course to learn photoshop. I know the fundamentals, like layers and many of the toolboxes so it would be nice that dives into the deeper topics. Ideally I am looking courses for photographers + simple composites. Can you recommeend some courses that I should follow...
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    Time to clean up hard disk space. What are your tips

    Hi all, it is time to clean hard disk space from my hard disk. I wanted to ask if you have some nice tip/ workflows that can help on selecting multiple images and throwing them away. I am trying to see if I can do anything better than picking one by one. Any tips that you have used in the...
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    What happens when subscription expires

    1. Are we able to launch the apps or not at all? Or for example launch them for a grace period? 2. What happens to our web page (adobe portofolio) What happens when we subscribe back? Do we find our old content deleted?
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    Hard disks exclusive for lightroom

    Hi all, I am asking for some hardware recommendations. Right now I have my cataloge and my previews running on my main ssd hard disk. As you know this does not take a lot of space. All my photos I have on external 4 TB disks that I hope they work over usb 3.0 and not usb 2.0 (The disks are usb...
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    Clearing up disk space. Tips and guidance is needed

    So after couple of years of photography, mostly shooting raw files, I am at around 3TB+ and I want to start removing just files from the disks. My goal is to fall below the 2TB- region. I am thinking to start looking based on collections I have and start removing from there. But still.. 1. Is...
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    Remove albums from the list without "deleting"

    Hi, I want to remove list elements from the album list without "touching" anything on my lightroom classic. I do not see the reason to have in the list very old albums that I do not use anymore and no any reason lightroom to keep synchinc those (okay that I can disable). Is it possible to do...
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    download folder locally and still sync stars

    Hi all, I am leaving on vacation and I am using the cloud based lightroom to be able to rate some pictures during my travel time. When I am back I would allow it t o sync with the classical lightroom so to get the stars rating and start with the processing. I saw today in the lightroom cloude...
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    GPUs for lightroom

    Hi all, does lightroom (and to similar extend photoshop) benefit from fast gpus? For example I am thinking this card GTX 1660ti will that be exploited nicely 7from lightroom? Regards Alex
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    photo collage

    Hi all, I would like to make fast a cover for a photobook that will contain couple of images collaged together. I would prefer to avoid very fixed template where all pictures are being aligned the same. Are there any addons that can allow me to have such a workflow in lightroom? How would you...
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    Export for facebook and instagram

    Hello all, I was wondering if there is an easz way for a picture I pick in lightroom to have at the same time two exported files. One with a facebook resolution and one for instagram. Do you have a specific process for that_? Thanks Alex
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    Sorting manually the images

    Hi all, I am editing material from a wedding that somehow pictures are mixed in a wrong order. I was wondering If I can order my photos in a new catalogue and then order them manually, then I would like to export them and have Lightroom use a sequence number based on my ordering of the...
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    Save Album locally

    Hi all, I am using Lightroom cc to rate my photos and do some basic editing tasks. I saw that there is also an option to save an album locally. What does it offer? Will the syncing stop? For me what is needed is the star ratings, some basic editing steps to be always synced. If now saving the...
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    compare view.

    Hi , I am looking for a way to have a compare type of view in lightroom. I want for example from a sequence of photos to pick the ones that I beleive are the best. I the lightroom classic that is as simple as pressning N, but I have not found anythign similar in lightroom cc. Any thoughts...
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    Selecting laptop for lightroom cc

    Hi all, I need your experience on picking the right laptop for using lightroom cc. the idea will be to mostly using lightroom for picking the right pictures (star rating). It will be nice that the colors are not super off but for a laptop/notebook one has to be realistic. Budget wise I am...
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    two same cameras

    Dear all, I was shooting a baptism with two d750 cameras, unfortunately one of the two cameras had the time stamp wrong (it was one hour ahead of time). Is there a way to differentiate those two cameras at lightroom? Thanks Alex
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    profile is missing!

    Dear all, until yesterday I had on my computer two different lightroom version the standalone perhaps installed two three years ago and the lightroom cc classic that was installed recently. I had to remove the first one and keep only the lightroom cc classic. Now the lightroom cc classic does...