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  1. Jimmsp

    LR Photography plan and Photoshop CS5

    I have a good friend who is probably going to sign up for the Adobe Photography Plan. But he asks me "I have a very old copy of CS5 that I am happy enough with....if I download the new PS....will it destroy or invalidate my CS5...which will not be running or anything, just sitting on my...
  2. Jimmsp

    Upsizing Capability of LR Classic vs Photoshop

    Has anyone done a semi-quantitative comparison of the upsizing capability of the latest LR Classic and the latest Photoshop? Say I had a photo that was 1000 px on a side and I wanted to upsize it to 1500 px a side. Has anyone found a difference? In general, I upsize in PS, and I do that before...
  3. Jimmsp

    The power of the range mask is undersold

    I just got finished with some post processing work of a forest scene in the fall. I wanted to selectively brighten and enhance the saturation of some of the yellow and orange leaves. With the LR adjustment brush and the range mask in "color" , it became a two minute job. If I had to take the...
  4. Jimmsp

    Potential bug in moving files in Classic

    I just returned from a long trip where I took a lot of photos. I imported them into LR Classic V7 on my laptop and post processed them. They were all on my C drive When I returned home, I moved the LR catalog back to my desktop (a internal different SSD drive) and the photos into one "Travel"...
  5. Jimmsp

    Lightroom Classic CC 7.3.1 Lockup

    Well, after a couple of hours of editing, and back and forth to PS, I had my first LR 7.3.1 lockup/freeze. I had three before in 7.3. Memory usage et al seemed to be good, though I was not paying super close attention. I left for 1/2 hr, took some new photos, and inserted the card to do an...
  6. Jimmsp

    Newest LR Crashes

    I have now had two instances in the last 2 days in which LR classic 7.3 has crashed, or hung up ( a better description). I cannot even come close to a guessing at a cause or even commonality. In both cases I had been editing for a while, and had been passing files back and forth to Photoshop...
  7. Jimmsp

    Sync with LR CC issue with new LR Classic

    Operating System: Win 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.1 I have been running just fine with LR Classic and LR CC on a laptop. I just "upgraded" to a new desktop today. i have LR Classic and LR CC downloaded and mostly running well with the laptop catalog...
  8. Jimmsp

    Possible Memory Leak in LR CC

    Operating System: WIn 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR CC 1.0.1 I have discovered if I open LR CC and nothing else - and do nothing more than monitor the pc with the resource monitor, strange things happen. After a period of time, a couple of hours, the CPU usage...
  9. Jimmsp

    LR Classic problem with sync'd photo

    Operating System: Win 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): New LR Classic and new LR CC I decided to give LR CC a test drive. I already had some photos in the orig LR Mobile. Now in LR CC, so I added a few more from an iphone and a ipad. So far, so good. One photo was a raw...
  10. Jimmsp

    New LR Classic - installed and humming away

    I installed the new LR Classic today - and couldn't be more pleased. It installed just fine, converted my catalog just fine, and the (little) post processing I have done went quickly. Granted, I have not tried everything new yet, nor have I imported a huge photo shoot, but the first day...
  11. Jimmsp

    Photo from Lightroom Mobile to Camera Roll

    I would like to use the LR camera built into the app. However, I need to get it to the Camera roll so it is available for another app that I will use for an upcoming trip - a diary - so I can create a journal. When I "save" it to the Camera Roll, do I actually create a second copy of that photo...
  12. Jimmsp

    Error when removing photos from Flickr

    When removing a large set of photos from the Flickr collection, and then "publish"ing , which then removes them from Flickr, I get the error that "an internal error has occurred: assertion failed". I get a large number of them, almost as many as the number of photos I am removing. But it doesn't...
  13. Jimmsp

    Filter behavior in Library mode

    Is it just me, or have I missed a setting? Situation: I am in library mode, and I turn on a filter to select only 3 star photos (or any star or color label). In the grid view, I see a photo I want to export for some reason. The export completes, and then the filter turns off. This is a bit...
  14. Jimmsp

    End Slideshow with a photo ?

    I have taken over a photo club website as webmaster and would like to show a small slide show on a page. I am using Xara Web Designer which has such a widget. I would prefer to use LR to make the mp4 which is imported into Xara. I can make a nice slideshow that starts automatically. But I can't...
  15. Jimmsp

    Adobe based Email scam

    I just received this email - it looks like Adobe's email DB has been hacked. Be careful if you receive one like this. Jim
  16. Jimmsp

    Sharpening - a technical question

    I generally do my capture sharpening in LR with a small value of sharpening (~25) and a reasonable sized mask (~50) depending on the subject. Then I want to do some creative sharpening on parts of the photo, so I move to the adjustment brush. Even with Automask engaged, I often slop over the...
  17. Jimmsp

    Error in Photoshop CC

    This just popped up the other day after a pc crash (not while running PS or LR). I needed to restore to about 2 weeks in the past to fix the main issue. But PS suddenly showed this upon startup. If I hit ok - we just move on. PS works fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PS - but it is...
  18. Jimmsp

    I need a kickstart on Keywords

    I am finding myself getting lazy and sometimes simply finding ways to avoid properly adding keywords to photos; especially when I am on vacation. I often come home from a vacation photo shoot with a mixture of photos - birds, buildings, people, flowers, etc. They may even be a gem in there...
  19. Jimmsp

    Search by capture time range ??

    Unless I am missing something obvious, I can't figure out a way to have LR search (eg, via a SMART Collection) by Capture Time (not date). I want to separate Date and Time. I want to collect all the shots I took at night, so a time range of between 7:00 pm and 12:00 am and between 12:00 am and...
  20. Jimmsp

    Problem with moving a large folder to an external drive

    This post could also be in the "performance" area, but it does relate to how a number of folks move photos around. A little background: I am now using Win 10, and the latest LRCC. I store my recent photos on my internal harddrive in a folder by year, with subfolders either by event...
  21. Jimmsp

    Question on merging a Panorama

    Does anyone know, or has anyone tried to test the LR "merge to panorama" process step, if the LR "merge to panorama" applies the "match total exposure" step? There are times when I want that to happen.
  22. Jimmsp

    Photo Size (in pixels) in a Book

    I am about to start a new book, and have a question which I cannot find an answer to in a search. Having just gotten back from a trip, I have a number of panoramas that I want to include in a book with other standard photos. They are currently in Tiff, and the largest one is ~21,000 pixels...
  23. Jimmsp

    Import Bug in latest release

    Has anybody else seen this bug. I just ran into this for a LR class I am teaching I Import files from a folder on my HD, "Copy", and direct them to a new set of date driven folders. I go back and look at the original folder - and the files are gone. LR appears to have done a "Move", not a...
  24. Jimmsp

    GPS coordinates transfer issue

    I seem to have a problem with GPS coordinates transferring to my pc from iPhone 6 photos. If I transfer photos directly to the pc via a usb cable and Windows Manager, the GPS coordinates come over and are read by Lightroom. However, if I wait until the photos are transferred to the cloud...
  25. Jimmsp

    Strange new error

    I encountered a new error tonight previously unseen by me. I uploaded 50 photos to make a new album. I then removed some 40-50 photos from Flickr by the usual method - remove from collection followed by publish. I then went to Flickr to double check and to make a change in the new album of new...