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  1. Califdan

    Interesting Oddity

    As they say, LrC is a complex piece of code and as such sometimes it trips over itself. Not looking for "answers" or "suggestions" here as it fixed itself after a close and re-open of the program, but just thought this would amuse.
  2. Califdan

    Duplicate Finder Plugin ?

    Hi all, I know of two LrC plugin's that can be used from within LrC for the purpose of finding (and removing) duplicate images. These are Teekesselchen and Duplicate Finder 2. Both of these plugin's only use metadata comparisons to identify potential dupluicates. While this works well with...
  3. Califdan

    KW information lost during Write/Read metadata operation

    Potential bug in Write and/or Read Metadata operation. It seems that if I Save metadata to files and then read it back something gets lost related to keywords in the process. I’d like someone else to see if they can duplicate this before I put in a bug report. I’m running LrC 11.2 on Windows/10...
  4. Califdan

    Move folders crashing LrC 11.1?

    Hi, Been working with a client on Window/10 running LrC/11.1. He has a parent images folder ("2021") on an external drive that has a series of subfolers (eg: "BlueAngels") and in some cases a 3rd level. The bottom level folders have a mix of CR3 and Tif files. the Tif's were created by...
  5. Califdan

    Is this a bug?

    When using Masks, If you select to use a preset on the "Effects" line in the Adjustments Panel but then decide to go back to the default or standard (i.e. stop using the preset) that doesn't seem to ba an option in the Effects Presets popup. Short of manually creating an Adjustments Preset...
  6. Califdan

    looking for suggestions/warnings on 16TB USB 3.0 drives

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a 8TB Seagate USB External Drive with a new 16TB device. This drive will be used as my backup drive to backup my internal C drive, External P (Photos and Lrc catalog) drive, External S (Music) drive, and will also house the Windows File History files and periodic...
  7. Califdan

    Jfriedl's Zenfolio plug in failing

    Hi, I've tried to contact Jeffrey through his website multiple times on this issue but my posts just seem to vanish and he has not gotten back to me. Perhaps he's traveling. Anyway, before I contact Zenfolio, I'd like to find out if this issue is unique to me or is more universal. The...
  8. Califdan

    Plugin to do math/arithmatic on metadata fields

    Hi, I found myself with a stange problem. In need to decrease the numeric portion of file name in a large number of images by a value of 1. In other words IMG1234.jpg needs to become IMG1233.jpg. As the LR plugin API does not suppoort file name manipulation in plugin's it seems that one can...
  9. Califdan

    Increment date tool?

    Hi, Looking for a plug in to adjust/change Image dates (the date seen in View Options, Filters, Smart Collections and sort options. What I need is to select a set of images then with the plug in specify a "start date/time" and an increment. The plugin then should process the selected images...
  10. Califdan

    Survey View Border

    I'm running 10.0 so I don't know if this has been fixed in 10.1 or not. In my 10.0 system, in the survey view, the active image no longer has a discernable border around it making it impossible to determine which image is currently the active (most selected) image (if the filmstrip is not being...
  11. Califdan

    Bulk set grid sort field for all folders

    Hi, Anyone know a way to mass set the sort field for all folders to, say, file name other than selecting and changing them all one by one? thanks -- Dan
  12. Califdan

    Save Metadata to File for DNG's does not clear the tag

    Hi, In some (not all) cases where I have a DNG file where LrC shows the down-arrow icon indicating that the metadata in LrC has changed and the change has not been copied to the file, when I click the icon (or use the menu to save metadata to file). The date/time shown in Windows/10 file...
  13. Califdan

    calculate aspect ratio and export as keyword?

    Hi, Anyone know of a plugin that can calculate aspect ratios (as a percent) from the cropped dimensions and save the number someplace in metadata or be able to include that number on exported images as an additional keyword added during export? Thanks -- Dan
  14. Califdan

    LrC 10.0 new PV?

    Does LrC/10.0 come with a new process version (PV)?
  15. Califdan

    re-converting Develop presets to XMP on each launch

    Hi all, One of my clients, who was running LR 2015.5 as I recall) on Mac High Sierra bought a new camera (Canon 5d Mark IV). That version of LR pre-dated the new camera so couldn't import the CR2 files. So, I helped her upgrade LR to 8.4 which is the highest version that the Adobe Cloud app...
  16. Califdan

    dealing with dated folder structure after changing capture date

    HI, I usually answer questions here rather than ask them, but want to see if there is a better way to do this. When someone imports a bunch of scanned images from old negatives or slides, the capture date/time on those images is usually the date/time they were scanned. However, once in...
  17. Califdan

    Pixel based duplicate finder

    Hi, I recall, many moons ago reading a forum post that mentioned a LR Duplicate finder plug in that is based on actual pixel content of the images rather than on EXIF metadata. I don't recall if that was here or in Photoshop Family or some other forum. Does anyone know where I can find such...
  18. Califdan

    List of images for copyright registration

    I went in to register my 2019 images with the copyright office as I have done each of the last several years. And, once again, they have changed things. In the past one just uploaded one or more zip files containing small JPG versions of the images. Creating these to be zipped folders was...
  19. Califdan

    How I use Star ratings

    I just posted this as a reply to another thread, but thought it would be useful to post in it's own thread so others can find it easier.... One point to emphasize in the use of star ratings is CONSISTANCY. If today when I'm feeling cheery, I give a certain image 4 stars but next week that...
  20. Califdan

    Accumulated wish list for LR Classic Library module

    Over many years, myself and others in this forum have repeatedly made requests for improvements to LR Classic - many of which are for the Library Module. Most of these requests have been ignored by Adobe, only to re-requested over and over as new users start using LR Classic and stumble upon...
  21. Califdan

    HEIC arrive as JPG

    Hi, I am not an Apple person and don't own an iPhone or Mac computer so my usual approach when one of my clients has a problem I haven't seen before is to experiment till I figure it out. But, lacking the requisite device a am hoping this forum can help. My client is running LR Classic 8.3...
  22. Califdan

    Publish Services Modified Photos to Re-publish management aid?

    Hi, I am a heavy user of Publish Services with several hundred Publish Service Collections (none are of the "smart" type). In almost all situations, any particular image may appear in a dozen or more of these Publish Service Collections. Although some Publish Service Plugin's have some...
  23. Califdan

    Publish Services Publish Service defunct (where to complain)

    Hi all, I use several Publish Services (PS) - several from jfriedl but also some provided by the destination site. I use these to manage my images on various web sites including Image Rights, Facebook (business page), Flickr, Zenfolio (my personal web site), Instagram, and 500px. Earlier...
  24. Califdan

    Pixel Values?

    In LR CC Desktop, web, or mobile; is there a place where we can see the pixel values (R, G, & B values) for the pixel where the mouse pointer is in the image? What I'm looking for are the numbers that show up under the histogram in the Develop Module in LR Classic.
  25. Califdan

    Warning the LR5 won't run on next Mac OS?

    Hi, I'm not a Mac person, but one of my clients who is running LR5 got this message when she open LR recently. "This software will not work with future versions of macOS and needs to be updated to improve compatibility. Contact the developer for more information." So, not being a Mac person...