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  1. jerry12953

    LR can't find second hard drive

    Hi, My PC has two separate hard drives. One, the D drive, is almost full, while the other, the E drive, is almost empty. So I thought I would try to save new files on the E drive. I can do that, but I'd like to use the same file structure on the E drive as the D drive. Like this DATA (D:) >...
  2. jerry12953

    Does Lightroom process raw files on upload?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best forum to post this question but I'll fire away anyway. I've been a LR user since v3 (I think) so I know my way around it reasonably well. I'm still on v6.14 as I'm unhappy about the subscription model. I always knew I would have to move from Adobe in time...
  3. jerry12953

    Import camera profile - back date?

    When I got my new Olympus system a couple of years ago I eventually realised I needed to import the images into Lightroom using a different camera profile (Camera Natural) or they would look dreadful (Adobe standard). I didn't realise it at the time but after I updated my PC last June the import...
  4. jerry12953

    Print module Re-ordering files in User Template

    For some reason I can no longer move files around in a user template in the print module. It will only show them in strictly numerical order, no matter what order I select them in. Can anyone help me here, please?
  5. jerry12953

    Move LR catalogue to SSD?

    Hi, I think I've read that LR's catalogue should be stored on an SSD rather than on one of the storage drives to enable faster access to it. Would this be correct, and if I decide to do it, is there anything I should be careful to do or not to do?
  6. jerry12953

    Another "I can't reinstall v6.14 thread!"

    By being quite firm with the Adobe chat people I got a link to download LR6.14 yesterday so that I could re-install it on my new PC. When it came to adding my serial number in order to instal it I got a message saying "The serial number you provided is valid but a qualifying product could...
  7. jerry12953

    Import Insert new camera profile as preset?

    Hi, Its quite a while since I logged in here. During that time I've sold all my Canon kit and downsized to Olympus. Among the problems i'm experiencing is that the raw files from my EM1.2 are very drab compared to the Canon files I was used to. I see I can change the camera profile from Adobe...
  8. jerry12953

    This is getting annoying now......

    There may be an easy solution to this but it is getting very annoying. In the Library module, if I click on an image in the filmstrip in order to select it, the main window still shows the first image. If I go to Grid View I can select any image i want and it shows in the main window. Many...
  9. jerry12953

    External editors problem

    Operating System: w10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR6.13 I'm trying to set up Affinity as an external editor. It doesn't appear in the list of editors, and if I try to add or choose it from a list of other software, it doesn't appear. There's no way I can find it anywhere...
  10. jerry12953

    Image stacking?

    Operating System: w10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6.13 At first I though this might be possible using other means but now it seems like the solution might be software related........ i'm thinking of going on a Northern Lights cruise, which is basically a service vessel...
  11. jerry12953

    Moving away from Lightroom - Affinity Photo?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6.13 Hi, Thanks to the major cock-up that Adobe has made with Lightroom, very sadly I'm beginning to think of alternatives. As a first step towards that end I'm thinking of installing Affinity Photo as a secondary...
  12. jerry12953

    Back-up suddenly very slow.

    Hi, I back-up my catalogue every day using the usual method. Suddenly this process has become very slow; four file additions and changes took several minutes, while I thought it had crashed completely with a larger batch of images. There's plenty of room on my hard disc, by the way. Many...
  13. jerry12953

    Lost files

    When I was creating a slide show last year, I think I must have somehow lost some files. Looking for some of the files again now some are marked "The folder could not be found". it appears that the missing files are all copies - I'm not sure if that's relevant. I went to my file back-up and...
  14. jerry12953

    Watermark problem

    I have a graphic image which I want to use as a watermark. I have it in several sizes/resolutions as follows - 100 x 75 Pix @ 72 dpi (jpeg) 1967 x 1475 pix @ 300 dpi (jpeg) 1967 x 1475 pix @ 300 dpi (tif) and they all look good on screen. When I export images with the watermark on it, the...
  15. jerry12953

    Irritating Lightroom mobile prompt

    Every time I open up LR (v6.3) I get a prompt to open LR mobile. I've never used LR mobile and can't imagine ever wanting to.<br> <br> How do I get rid of the prompt permanently?<br> <br> Thanks.
  16. jerry12953

    Adding "canvas" outside image area

    I'm trying to get a batch of images printed at an online lab to a size which is NOT one of their standard sizes. It is no good sending the images at the correct size and asking for them to be printed on the next paper size up, apparently. I need to add "canvas" around the image instead. I know...
  17. jerry12953

    Problem creating panoramic using photo merge

    I have a set of four images I want to merge into a panorama. If I select all four, the left-hand image is not included (or possibly a large section of it). If I select the left-hand three they merge perfectly, so it isn't a problem with that particular image. Any suggestions, please?
  18. jerry12953

    Annoying crop tool problem

    I'm trying to crop an image to 91:61 proportions (1.492:1), but it automatically defaults to 1.5:1. This seems strange. Any suggestions?
  19. jerry12953

    Title info in one image of slide show

    I am trying to put title information on the first image of a slideshow created in Lightroom. How do I go about this? So far I have added the text to the first image successfully, but with each subsequent image the metadata appears on screen. If I untick "text overlay" the text on the first...
  20. jerry12953

    Re-arrange right hand panels?

    As a returning member, this may already have been covered, but it would be really handy to be able re-order the various develop tools on the right-hand panel. The first tool I normally use - the lens correction tool - is right at the bottom. is this possible?
  21. jerry12953

    Spot removal tool: Feathering value reverts to zero on older images.

    I'm not sure if this problem began with LR v5 or 5.2 but I've only just noticed it. There is now a feathering slider in the Spot Removal tool. At first I thought "great" but there's a drawback, isn't there?. When I open an image edited in a previous version of LR, originally with a pre-set or...
  22. jerry12953

    Lost edits

    I'm sure my problem is closely related to many others on here, but I can't relate the replies exactly to it. I've lost all the edits to the images on my external hard drive. I can open them, but the history pane just says "Import '8/'2/1'". That may well have been the date I moved everything...