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    CC unreachable?

    I would like the new version, but my CC orgm cannot connect ..... Others?
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    W7/32 ->w10/64

    That is what I am planning to do. How can I get my (5.7) LR 32 bit to my new comp W10/64 bit without losing anything? After that an upgrade to LR 6 (I hink I will take the cc option) will be inplace, any suggestions about this too?
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    CC program

    Why does Adobe try to force me into theit cc system?
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    New W10 PC

    I am on W7/32 now, so no LR6 for me :-(. W10 is coming, my PC is a bit old, so I think it is a good moment to buy a new one. Would like Apple, but those prices ..... What I have been offered: Antec P280 with soundbarrier Intel Core I7-5820K 3.3 Ghz Scythe Mugen 4 (120 mm fan) MSI X99S SLI Plus...
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    kr cc is not for mee

    I am feeling FORCED by ADOBE to join their expensive subscription trail. I don't want it, i don't need it, and I don't like it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I subscribed to MS365, I am using all included prgms and want (have to be) up to date. I am om W32b, so no update to LR6 (thanks adobe for...
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    LR6 only 64bit?

    Subject is clear enough.
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    I am using (very happy with it!) a Fujifilm T-X1. I am NOT happy with the way LightRoom handles these (X-trans) files. It is different from BAYAR sensors, but they are or exiist in any way, just different. Please Adobe: attend to this ......
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    Hi, Anyone know if Adobe is working on the X-TRANS (Fuji) sensor to get a better result? No, I won't and don't want to start the discussion here too. There are many, many threads and msgs about this subject all over the photographic fora.
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    FUJI X-E2 in CameraRaw?

    Hi, I understood that my camera (Fuji X-E2) is supported by the latest CameraRaw edition. I am using LR 5.4, so the function must be there. I cannot see anything about that in the dev menu. Is it only quietly (and sometimes unwanted) with importing the files? Can I change this behaviour?
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    Forgot time-shift

    Hi, Did it again. I live in the Netherlands, went to Iceland, forgot to adjust my camera-time. I didn't adjust it in Iceland when I discovered it, because I thought there are a ton of utils that can do that for me. I cannot find a util ..... Any idea, please ...?
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    Google NIK's bundle

    Did you see it for $149 (and free for recent buyers)? Or is this only valid in Europe?
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    Can this tool be usefull? Anyone used it already?
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    Delete entries in "Edit in"

    Hi, There are some obsoletete entries in my menu "Edit in". How can I get rid of them?
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    mmmmmmMAC ir wwwwwwWindows?

    Hi, In some time (maybe 6 months from now) I will need (no, want to buy) a new comp. Everytime the difficult dissision: MAC or W? Now I have (next to my comp) a Dell XPS15 with 350Mb SSD (or so) storage on W7/64. Very nice and fast. I am more and more using my iPhone and iPad (Photosmith and...
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    Adobe FlatField Plugin

    Hi, I got the file from Adobe and tried to install it in LR 4.3 RC: no go. Anyone any idea?
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    Adobe Profiles Download -> LR

    Hello, LR 4.3 RC I am not sure what to do. Through "Adobe Lens Profile Downloader" I can download some (very wanted!) profiles, but what do I do from there? How do I import, connect, or whatever to LR so the new files will be corrected (or not, I assume this will be my decision)?
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    More than "corection" for Samyang 8/2.8 on Sony NEX-7

    Hi , I stumbled across a plugin for PhotoShop (that I doe not have): Fisheye Hemi, see This does not seam to work with LR. Is there any alternative?
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    LR on both MAC and PC

    If I want to use LR on both PC and MAC, which way would you recommand (or not) and why?
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    PhotoGene & PhotoSmith

    Hi, Is anyone using these (iPad) apps? PhotoGene is for editing, PhotoSmith for Sync. Would like to import from camera to iPad (possible), do some work with PhotoGene (possible) and then use PhotoSmith to Sync and there is my problem. I ONLY want transfers FROM iPad to LightRoom and certainly...
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    Does Nikon provide all info?

    Hi, Doe Nikon provide all info about their NEF-file-construction, or better all relevant info to Adobe to use in their prgrms? Ad Canon?
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    Externals editirs not working with LR4???

    Hi, I get an erro when I choose PSE ar any NIK (updated) software. Choose "Develope - Photo - Edit in -".
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    Nikon D4 support (and D800 ...)

    Hi, Can we expect an update for the Nikon D4 and D800 raw format?
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    Nikon V1

    Hi, Waiting for the next release (3.6) that will help me ....
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    Using DropBox as my directory?

    Hi, I am using LR on my comp (W7-32) with folders (pictures and previews) in my dorpboxfolder on my D-drive. I received my new laptop (Dell XSZ) with W7-64 and would like to install LR-64 on that (no problem, accoring to Adobe's website) and use the dropboxfolder which is on C now (only 1...
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    LR & SmugMug

    I give up. Tried what I thought was usefull, but I create a bigger mess (duplicates) with every step. Was (still am) using SmugMug, with JF plug in. Left Smug for what it was for some time, in between udating LR (now "standard") plugin and moved my folders to another drive. Result: SmugMug...