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    Perpetual 'Major Version' 6

    I just suffered the irretrievable death of my iMac. Data and photos are all backed up ok. I'm doing a clean install of everything, rather than a restore from backup. (It seemed like an opportune time) I'm having difficult finding the 'major version' of 6 for my perpetual license. Can someone...
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    WARNING - Bug in CC deleting files

    I just came across this on PetaPixel. If you already know about it, then I'm sorry for posting this But it appears there is a bug in Adobe Creative Cloud version that deletes folders in the Root directory. Explainations and videos are on the linked page.
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    Lightroom Dashboard

    Some of you may find this interesting or useful
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    Who, in the Cloud, can do what with your images

    You may find this list of 'terms' from several cloud storage services of interest
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    HDR - LR6 sneek peek

    LR6 HDR sneek peek from PetaPixel
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    Version 6 to be 64 bit only

    It appears the new version will be 64 bit only. if you have an older 32 bit only Apple or PC, you'll be stuck at version 5
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    CMD+Q by Mistake

    Hi all Occasionally when attempting to select all of the photos by pressing CMD+A, I accidently press CMD+Q. I can not find a way to NOT quit after having done this. There is no 'cancel' or other option to stop the quitting. It's extremely frustrating if i've got some filtering set before this...
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    iCloud hacked.

    The recent hacking of iCloud is a good indication why any form of 'cloud' based model is flawed. When companies like Adobe force users into this model, they do not have the users interests in mind.
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    Black & White import as Colour

    I've just, for the first time, shot B&W in camera. When importing them into LR 5.5, they first appears as B&W during the import, but then 'magically' jump to colour. I have no develops settings during import turned on. I'm shooting raw and converting to DNG on import. Even if I leave them as...
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    Apeture discontinued - Lightroom migration tool

    From PetaPixel, an article about an Aperture to Lightroom migration tool
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    Bad Adobe - Sneeking in user data gathering with latest CC update

    From PetaPixel... "...In a sneaky move that the company probably hoped nobody would notice, Adobe turned on “Desktop App Usage Information” by default in the most recent update to Creative Cloud. This means that, unless they manually go in and disable the feature, CC users’ app usage data is...
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    IPad App

    Who can recommend a good iPad app for exporting into from LR and viewing images. I'm after something that LR can export to without have to jump through too many hoops. Regards John
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    X-Rite colour passport and calibration

    Does anyone here use any of the colour checker passport type products? And I'm sure a lot use screen calibration devices. What do you recommend for calibratione? Spyder? X-Rite? All opinions welcome
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    Numbers Don't Add Up

    Lightroom 5.3 shows the total for 'All Photographs' as 9,565, but under the Metadata Library Filter under 'Date' it shows 'All (207 Dates)' 9,004. 9,004 is also show under 'All Cameras', 'All Lenses' etc Where is the discrepancy???? I see that the 'Quick Collection' has 561, (and if...
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    Just how many photos is an average amount

    I thought this may be of interest to some. From PetaPixel about the average size of LR catalogs
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    Lost Images? - This may be helpful

    I saw this over on PetaPixel It's a LR script to recover lost files
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    Map Module in LR 5.3

    Does anyone know why I see absolutely nothing in the Map Module? In LR 4.x I had some images that had either GPS placed or dragged onto the map and placed. I've been using 5 for a while now, but today is the first time I've gone into the map module. There is nothing in there other than a grey...
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    Export with all MetaData EXCEPT User Comment

    My 'Image Comment' field of my Nikon D7000 (in the Copyright section) contains my phone number. It's handy should the camera get lost (or, more correctly, found). But I don't want the information to get exported and, ultimately, uploaded to Flickr or similar. Is there a way to set an export...
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    NIK Colour Efex 4 - Import Recipe

    I coouldn't work out how to import a recipe inot Colour Efex 4 (Sorry about the Australian spelling, but I just cant bring myself.........) I had assumed it woul dbe similar to Silver Efex. But no.... So I Googled the issue and found that it SHOULD be like Silver Efex, in that there SHOULD be...
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    Nikon D7000 Dual SD Card Import

    I ask this question in the knowledge that I 'could' use a card reader, but I'm trying to find out if there is a solution for 'in camera' importing. The Nikon D7000 has two SD cards. At the moment, I have the camera set up to use one card for images and the second card for backup copies of the...
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    Adjust Photo Timestamp to 24 Hour Clock

    I recently used a GoPro to capture photos for a long timelapse during a drive from Innamincka in the SA desert region back to Adelaide. The trip started at 8:00am and I arrived home at 11:58pm. I've used the Time Lapse template by Sean McCormack to create a movie in the Slide Show module...
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    Special Amazon deal on LightRoom - Black Friday

    PetaPixel are showing that Amazon has a 'Black Friday' deal on Lightroom. Although it's now Saturday in Australia, I'm sure it's still Friday somewhere.
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    Workflow on Shuttle Endeavour flyby photo

    A nice video on PetaPixel showing the photographers LR workflow on a photo he shot of the Space Shuttle Endeavour flyby into LA.
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    4.3 to have Retina support

    From the PetaPixel site
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    Keyword Search - Boolean functionality

    Most search type fields allow some form of Boolean syntax, such as 'Search for all names NOT John'. If I have a keyword heirachy of 'Name' with a list of names below it, is there a way to search for photos that have a 'Name' keyword but exclude certain names. I'm just using 'Names' as an...