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    Help with Disappearing Books in Lightroom 4

    This might be of help to some users: Lightroom Journal / Help with Disappearing Books in Lightroom 4 Beat
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    Countermeasure against Flattening by Lifting Shadows

    This is the first time I've developed a big batch of images using PV2012. I notice that by lifting the shadows, the images tend to flatten out. What is generally speaking the best slider to compensate for this flattening? Is it Contrast? Beat
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    Can End Sheets be selected in LR4?

    Blurb offers different Pro Line end sheets on their website. Can those be selected from within the book module, as the paper itself can be selected from the Pro Line? Beat
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    Allowing Win7 Users Write Access to Volumes created under WinXP

    Allowing Win7 Users Write Access to Volumes created under WinXP This procedure describes the steps to be taken in order to allow Windows 7 users write access to objects on an external disk drive created under Windows XP. By default, a Windows 7 user account is only granted Read Access on...
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    LR/Transporter: Import Metadata using LR/Transporter nor treating all selected Files

    Hi Tim I've just installed the new version (4.26) of LR/Transporter and thought I test a strange behaviour agein with this version, about which I had written you a PM a while ago. The problem is still present in V4.26, so I write about it again here: I have a list of 6 file names with a path...
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    Loupe View / Filmstrip: What Images are Actions applied to?

    I just read this good explanation of Becky Sowada from Adobe on the logic of what actions are applied to which images while working in Library Loupe view. Thought I share it here: Beat
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    LR4 Book: Changing Orientation of Spine Text

    Does anybody know if it is possible to change the orientation of the spine text of a book cover by 180°, so that it reads from bottom to top when the book stands in a shelve? In most of continental Europe, titles are conventionally printed bottom-to-top on the spine so, when the books are...
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    jbListView in LR4

    Hi John, I just noticed that your ListView plug-in shows as restricted version in my LR4, and there's no entry field for the registration code. How do I proceed to make it work unrestricted? Beat
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark III revealed!

    We knew it had to come ... Just checking my bank account :cry: Beat
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    Presets containing Auto.... in LR4

    I used to have a couple of presets in LR3 containing the following settings: settings = { AutoContrast = true, AutoExposure = true, AutoShadows = true, }, and settings = { AutoExposure = true, AutoShadows =...
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    No Catalog to choose from

    Hi This is a problem I'm trying to resolve over at the U2U forum: A user gets message "Unexpected error opening catalog" after a complete fresh install (clean AppData, ProgramData, no catalog present) of LR3.6 on Win7 Home Basic (32Bit): When doing "Choose Different Catalog", the following...
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    LR/Transporter: Problem with CRLF when marking images

    Hi Tim, I have noticed a problem with LR/Transporter on Win7, which I think occurs since carriage return cannot be entered anymore by token when exporting metadata using LR/Transporter. I have done the following: Export Metadata using LR/Transporter (Summary File) Choose Filename as the only...
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    Displayed Font Size in Reply Box

    Has anything changed in the setup here? Lately, sometimes the font in the reply text boxes suddenly switches to a very small font, which was not happening lately. Beat
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    Assigning Collection Membership based on FileNames contained in other Folders

    Hi, Bear with me, this is going to be a long one, as it is a tricky problem asking for creative solutions. Imagine you have the following folder structure: Folders: Folder Originals 2010 2010-10 2010-10-01 20101001_IMG1.jpg 2010-11 2010-11-15 20101115_IMG3.jpg...
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    Search Replace Transfer: DB upgrade for V1.35

    Hi John, I notice the following behaviour with the new version 1.35 of the Search, Replace, Transfer plug-in: Whenever I switch the language in LR, I'm beeing asked to update the catalog for use with the plug-in. As far as I can see, the update being performed is an update to column...
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    Fotoshop by Adobé

    This has nothing to do with LR, but I LOVE it :) So I couldn't resist posting it here. Fotoshop by Adobé Beat
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    LR4 Beta Forum

    Would it make sense to have a forum related to LR4 Beta questions/bugs here? It would make it easier to track problems real people have with real releases ;) Beat
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    Fuji X10

    I thought I share this statement is from Jeffrey Friedl with you: This is very interesting, isn't it? Beat
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    USB Cable for Tethered Shooting - JerkStopper

    I just came across a link to an USB cable which releaves the stress from the USB socket in camera. Thought that might be interesting for those shooting tethered a lot: And no, I don't own any shares of the company :sneaky: Beat
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    How to assign an sRGB ICC Profile to your monitor (Windows)

    Sometimes you might want to assign an sRGB ICC Profile to your monitor to verify whether a display problem is caused by a corrupt monitor profile. Lightroom is “good” in detecting problems in a monitor profile, it sometimes shows a problem with a monitor profile while other (even color-managed)...
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    Timeouts on

    Just as a note: I experienced quite a few timeouts on on 2011-12-18, around 01:30-01:35AM CET. Beat
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    Lightroom multiple Exports

    This is a post created from a PM I received from Photographyfreak, and I think this is the better place to discuss it than via PMs: When exporting, all the images that you select are exported. I suspect that you wanted to export one image each in several separate exports, but had one image...
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    "Camera Raw 6 Users’ Guide" by Francesco Marzoli published in English

    A document I think is worthwhile reading: "Camera Raw 6 Users’ Guide" published by Francesco Marzoli (click "Leggi tutto and scroll to the bottom of the next page for the download link). It contains information about several other products than LR (PS, ACR, Bridge, ...), but at a first glance...
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    The Most Popular Post Production Software [POLL RESULTS]

    An interesting recent dPS reader poll about the post production software that they use most. Beat
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    Folder "Smart Collection Templates" in Lightroom Preset Folder

    Does anybody know when the smart collection templates contained in folder "Smart Collection Templates" within the LR presets folder are used? I suspected that they will be used when creating a new catalog, but this seems not to be the case. So are they only present in case I delete my...