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  1. Martin van Gog

    Map module Geotagging, new possibility.

    I want to share a, for me, new possibility to geo-tag foto's. I don't remember which year it was, but suddenly the Google Maps API stopped working with other software applications, including LightRoom - Map module in Version 6.4. But today it is nice to experience that the API from Google Maps...
  2. Martin van Gog

    Catalogs Moving catalogue to another disk.

    I want my catalogue move from a traditional HDD to a faster medium. I've 2 (actually 3) options, SATA SSD or NVME SSD [My motherboard allows me to choose between Gen 3 or Gen 4] Questions; A: what is the best option, regardless the costs. I've a high-end custom build, dedicated to editing...
  3. Martin van Gog

    Import Handle 'Second Copy'?

    I'm using the option 'Second Copy' during importing files. But I don't know how to delete become obsolete files? I mean is LR aware of the existence of those files? Do I have to delete those files inside LR, if so where can I find the location in 'Library Module'? Or can I go straight into...
  4. Martin van Gog

    Develop module Additional External Editor

    When I choose a additional external Editor, I can save it as preset. But when I right+click on the image, 'edit in ......', PhotoShop is there and the second one is *.exe. [See attachted file] That's functional OK. But for aesthetic reason, I'm searching for a manner to get rid of...
  5. Martin van Gog

    Library module Reset target of set of smart collections.

    Hi outthere, In the library module I have a set of smart collections, based on ISO values. During the construction of the set I had selected 'All photographs' as a target folder. The filtering worked fine. But now I want to make another folder as a 'target' of the set. I can not do that. Does...
  6. Martin van Gog

    Develop module Wacom Intuos Pro?

    I consider to buy a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. But cann't decise the format 'Medium' or 'Large'. I've a 4K 27" screen. Any advice or experience? With regards, Martin P.S. It's not my only input-device. I already ordered a Loupedeck + (Second Version)
  7. Martin van Gog

    Print module AKS Magnifier software?

    The mentioned software is a stand-alone/add-in for PhotoShop. After installing a trail version and open up the stand-alone & closing. The UI of Lightroom suddenly changed. The sub-menu's aren't graphically anymore. But the look like the minimalistic GUI of Open Source software or Linux...
  8. Martin van Gog

    Post are not published?

    I've posted twice a threat. They don't violated the rules of the forum. They are posted in the 1-6 perpetual sub-forum. It seems that the moderator has intervened . I receive no message. Or do I not know why the posts are not published. with regards, Martin
  9. Martin van Gog

    Print module Printer advice needed?

    For a longtime Epson was the first choice for a serious hobby photographer. But with the coming of the Canon Pixma 10S and the Pixma imagePRO-1000 the landscape changed. Pro Epson: 1. Lots of Custom ICC's available for non-OEM paper. 2. Panorama-print possible with Roll Paper Unit. Against...
  10. Martin van Gog

    Print module Printing to JPEG without borders.

    When I cropped my photo's to the desired ratio in the Develop-module (10cm x15 cm), I went to the Print-module. If I activate: Guides->Dimensions, the on-screen info shows: "9.525 x 14.605 cm" . [:(] And the 'print' shows on all sides a border of 0.32 cm. I select the proper page set-up (left...
  11. Martin van Gog

    Library module LR Catalog Preview. lrdata

    If I set Catalog Settings -> File Handling -> Automatically Discard 1:1 Previews to: 'Never', is it possible in the folder LR Catalog Preview. lrdata manual delete 1:1 previews that I don't langer need. So I can for instance keep the 1:1 previews for 90 days? With regards, Martin
  12. Martin van Gog

    Map module Map view not available in the Map module?

    Issue: When using the Map module, the map area is black and a warning appears: 'Map view is no longer supported on this version of Lightroom.' I asked Professor Google. It is not a bug caused by Adobe. But due to a changed Google Maps API. Adobe does not maintain support for...
  13. Martin van Gog

    Opening 16/bit TIF in LR.

    Hi, Recently I pick up HDR-photography. Making the images different not from the normal way. Just take a bracket series of images. The difference lies in post-process. There are several specific, software applications available. They all have in common is that they work in 32-bit mode. And so...
  14. Martin van Gog

    Are files updated in there original folder, when a copy in a collection is processed?

    Hallo, I'm using a combo of Adobe Lightroom 6 & DxO Optics Pro Elite 11 as post-processing. After an initial import into Lightroom, I send the most rewarding to DxO. After tweaking I can send back a copy in TIFF-format to Lightroom. DxO sends those files back to the origanal folder. After...
  15. Martin van Gog

    Filter on file extension name.

    Hi, Besides Lightroom 6, I'm using DxO Pro Elite 11 for post-processing. My workflow is as follow; I import new files into Lightroom, with File-naming & preset Meta-data. I handle over the 'candidates' to DxO, using: File->Plug-in Extra->Transfer to DxO Pro Elite 11 I open from the 'film-strip'...
  16. Martin van Gog

    Restrictions post-processing JPEG files?

    In a previous post I described a Nikon CoolPix P900, which has the limitation that it works only in JPEG. This unit is recommended to me by my specialist. For the macro to telephoto nature photography. And not on the basis of the best technical specifications but at ease of use. Until now, I...
  17. Martin van Gog

    JPEG: Copy to DNG?

    Hi, I am considering to buy a new camera for nature photography. From macro to telephoto. My dealer advises me a Nikon Coolpix P900, so for around 600 euros. This device has the drawback, it shoots only JPEG. That means I can not change anything in LR concerning the white-balance as shot...
  18. Martin van Gog

    Moving files inside LR?

    Hi, First I'll outline my HD-configuration on my Photo-Workstation; a OS Samsung-SSD drive (250 Gb) a Project WD-SSHD (4 Tb), intended for photos that do not quite been fully processed and a RAID-5 configuration (7 Tb), intended for photos which are fully processed Does anyone have a solution...
  19. Martin van Gog

    External editor(s)- Windows

    If I select PhotoShop as first editor, I see in the menu 'Photo' -> Edit in -> Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS*->. But if I select an other program as second editor, via 'Edit'-> Preferences, I see that editor as a *.exe. Is there I way to edit that for aesthetic reason. With regards, Martin
  20. Martin van Gog

    Multiple sub-catalogs in LR

    Hallo, I am shooting three kinds of photo's. Landscape, Digiscoping and Macro. Is it possible to make and use three of more sub's. Greetings, Marin. Almere, the Netherlands.