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    Lightroom crashes when using shortcut key "F" and "fill" selected in Navigator panel

    Operating System: Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom 6.8 This bug was reported by Victoria in February 2017 - obviously related to an earlier update of Lightroom... Clearly still not fixed. I added a bug report to Adobe as well. This thread just...
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    Johan Elzenga's website

    I visited Johan's website for the first time today. I will say without a second of hesitation that I recommend that everyone gives his site a visit. It may be that I am biased - we seem to share the same photographic loves, and even locations(!) - but his work is well worth viewing. For even...
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    Cannot post to a particular thread

    No idea why but I cannot post to Rose Weirs thread about catalog backups! Every time I try to post my reply I get this annoying message pop up: "Proudly powered by LiteSpeed Web Server Please be advised that LiteSpeed Technologies Inc. is not a web hosting company and, as such, has no control...
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    Solved: Lightroom began crashing after catalog and images moved to a new hard drive

    I thought I would post my experiences today since it contained a couple of surprises. I installed a new, much bigger internal hard drive today for my burgeoning image collection. All went well. Using my back-up app -SyncBack Pro I then copied images and catalog from the the smaller old hard...
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    Detail slider revisited

    A little while ago there was a thread where questions were asked about the detail slider and how it worked. I posted a couple of prominent vignettes on how this slider worked. Nearly all the info posted was correct, however, one fact needs clarification. I stated that if the detail slider was...
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    Michael Reichmann - RIP

    It has been announced that Michael Reichmann, the founder of the Luminous Landscape website has passed away, on the 18th of May 2016, at the age of 71 from cancer. In photographic circles Michael Reichmann and the Luminous Landscape website were and remain essentially peerless. The website will...
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    Adobe to restore import dialog!

    See this blog post for the details:Lightroom 6.2 Import Update Tony Jay
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    merge to panorama producing tiny files!!

    I have done a survey on the net regarding this issue - no info that I could easily find. I have tried the merge to panorama in Lr6 for the first time. It appears to work really well apart from the fact that the resultant files are less than a Mb in size - yes it is correct less than a Mb!! The...
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    using Geotag Photos Pro

    I have recently installed this app on my Smartphone with the purpose of reverse geotagging images shot with my new Sony A7R II. I can get the tracklog into Lightroom with no problem whatsoever and load it into the map module. I can see the exact route I took. It starts to get interesting when...
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    Metadata presets not working in Lr 6.0 but fixed in 6.1

    There appears to be bug with editing metadata presets in 6.0 where the dialog box never appears, however on updating to 6.1 it seems to have been addressed. Tony Jay
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    Cannot register Lightroom 6 standalone on a windows machine

    Here is an issue for the collective wisdom: Bought the upgrade version of Lr 6 standalone. Installed and registered on my MBP no problem. Installed WINDOWS version on my Windows workstation. It installed no problem. However, this is where it starts to get interesting: I cannot register this...
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    Video editing in Lightroom

    With the Magic Lantern hacks able to deliver raw equivalent output on a growing number of Canon cameras I am wondering if there is any interest on this forum pertaining to the workflow dealing with these images - and they are images, DNG's to be precise, once they have been processed from the...
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    New notebook/ultrabook for remote area travel

    Later this year I will be travelling to South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. This will be a five week camping trip (rooftop tent on a 4X4) in various game parks and reserves. Most of the time there will be no access to mains power. I am looking a small, light notebook/ultrabook that can run...
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    Strange synching behaviour with GPS data

    I am reverse geo-tagging images going back over some years. Because my internet connection is a bit slow using the Map module to reverse geo-tag is impractically slow. So I am using another application to give me the the GPS co-ordinates and altitude that also uses Google maps as its base. All I...
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    Problem renaming a single file in a batch rename

    I have never encountered this issue before. I have done a search on this forum and others but have not found a specific reference to my issue. 90+ images in a folder. Batch rename using a preset will rename every image except one. A dialog box appears to tell me that the file in question is...
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    Lightroom crashing on Windows7 64-bit systems? There may be a solution

    This is not a Lightroom issue but a Windows7 problem. Here is a link that takes you to a hotfix solution that may apply to your issues. Read it carefully before installing to make sure the problem it fixes is appropriate to you. If you do install it shut down and reboot twice afterwards. Link...
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    Somewhat philosophical question RE: keywording the term sky

    My photography is almost exclusively outdoor. Not suprisingly the sky is prominent in most of my images. I have a very extensive hierarchy of keywords - over 24 000 on a recent count. However, it struck me today while keywording several images from a recent trip that 'sky' is not part of my...
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    Follow-up to: Lr crops image when rotating

    On another forum this issue of cropping has come up. I suggested the solution proposed by Hal in the thread: Lr crops image when rotating. Someone then came back with the potential issue of downsampling as a side effect of Hal's proposal. I always thought that downsampling was something that...
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    Extra-ordinary behaviour (!!?) with 32-bit TIFF files

    The following description almost defies words: I have used 32-bit TIFF files only fleetingly for HDR purposes during the course of this year. I have never had to use noise reduction before on a 32-bit TIFF. Today I did. The results defy description - the ENTIRE image smears and the colours...
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    Lightroom 4.2 freezes

    I have been having this issue since updating to 4.2. Always occurs about 30 minutes into my Lightroom session. No particular command is an obvious culprit. I will click on a slider, or whatever, and the mouse cursor will freeze. NOTHING I can do will restore the system and the only recourse is...
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    Lightroom 4.2 available

    :shock: Regards Tony Jay