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  1. Wernfried

    Don't retrieve new serial number for alloyphoto Piwigo Plugin

    Hi I am using the Piwigo from alloyphoto. After last upgrade of Lightroom the Plugin became invalid and it asked me to purchase a new serial number. So far, so normal. I paid $15 but I was not able to get a new serial number for this plugin. I contacted Mr. Vinogradsky by mail and via Paypal...
  2. Wernfried

    How to change Shortcut?

    Hi I think with latest update (it was not the case in earlier times) my German Lightroom has a conflict in Shortcuts. "Ctrl + G" results in Change Settings Stack Photos I like to have "Stack Photos" but "Changes Settings" wins the shortcut race. How can I change it? Best Regards
  3. Wernfried

    Photos not found by Title

    Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Lightroom Classic-Version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have a problem with my catalog. I have several photos with title "Familienfotos Weihnachten", for example IMG_0169.CR2: However, when I try to search for such photos by "Title contains Weihnachten" then I don't...
  4. Wernfried

    Smart Previews useful?

    Hi I wonder whether Smart-Previews are useful in my environment or whether they are just wasting disc-space. According the information I found Smart-Previews are useful for You can develop your photos in Lightroom Mobile and synchronize with your desktop - I do not use LR Mobile. You can...
  5. Wernfried

    How to import pictues from SD cart into LR mobile?

    Hi I consider to subscribe to CC in order to get full functionality of LE mobile. However, I don't manage to import my photos. Desired work-flow would be like this: Take photos in RAW format Then in the evening, connect SD cart to my (Android) tablet using such an adapter: SD-Adapter...
  6. Wernfried

    Reinstall Lightroom on new disk at Windows

    I plan to replace my old hard drive with a SSD drive and also install new Windows 10 on it (currently I still use Windows 7). The photos are stored on a different disk, this will not change. Which files/folders do I have to copy to new disk in order to keep all my Lightroom settings? The...