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    Back Up Catalogue Error

    Hi Been using LR since version one without problems, but now have one. I am running 5.5 on windows 8.1 64bit and LR is refusing to backup. Error reports that it will attempt to fix when next loads but nothing happens. Thoughts greatly appreciated.
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    Scanning Action CS6

    Hi all, Recently started scanning loads of family pics form the years gone by but finding it difficult with CS6. The Canon MG5450 software is poor as it does not retain the destinations folder from one day to the next so I thought I would try CS6. Trouble is that CS6 does not retain the...
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    LR 4.1 and CS6

    Hi all, I have always managed to work with LR and Nik products up until now, but decided to download a trial version of CS6 Extended. What do you guys do in Photoshop that you cannot do elsewhere, any hot tips appreciated.
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    Submiiting for Publication

    Hi All, Just started submitting photos for my local rugby games to my local paper, as requested by email. When I export from LR I am using 3008X2000, 300dpi, jpeg, max size 2000k with quality at 96%. When they are published in the paper I think they could look better. As I have to...
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    Lightroom on Windows 7.0 64 bit problem

    Hi all Just upgraded my PC to Windows 7 64bit everything works except ....... LR. Downloaded installed fine (64bit version). Imported the catalog, file structure is there the pics are there but can I see them NO :'(. Downloaded the latest nvidia drivers, installed fine still cannot see pics...
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    Moved Pics Now Not Showing

    Hi Weird, I moved some pics in the Navigator Window, seemed fine the 95 pics show up in the correct folder, but they are not visible in Library. Tried re-importing and it tells me they are already in catalogue and it shows them in the catalogue below the preview window. Please help. Chris
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    2.2 to 2.3 Issues

    Hi Never had any probs with slider lag in 2.2 BUT loads now with 2.3. Why should the upgrade slow things down. I am using a nvidia GeForce 88'' GT so I am assuming the settings are going to be different for 2.2 than 2.3. Please help!
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    Vista 64 Bit

    Hi All I current run on my quad processor based PC, Vista Home addition which means I only have 3gb of memory available even though I have 4 installed. The computer is mainly used for LR V2 and CS3 work. Is it worth me upgrading to 64bit or am I going to see a limited difference in...
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    Border Templates from jpegs

    Hi Just downloaded some border templates from the Adobe site and they work fine but they are somewhat limited. I have loads of borders in jpeg format and I am just wondering if there is an easy way of turning them in top templates that I can just import? Hers hoping! Thanks
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    Upgrade Cost

    Hi Ques - why does the upgrade cost around 9' dollars in the US and £89 in the UK thats double the price! How can I get the upgrade from the States and pay in dollars? :(
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    Best Develop Presets

    Hi Apologies, if this has been done before. I would be interested to know what members think are the best and most useful 'develop' pre-sets out there. To date I have used the std LR ones and WOW, thoughts? Chris
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    Hi All

    Hi from Chris in the heart of the Cotswolds. Been using LR since the beginning, love it, but I do get annoyed as I don't use it often enough and I forget what I should be doing. Chris