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    Recommend a free DAM for Am Dram society (Windows)

    Good afternoon all. Is anyone able to recommend a DAM for an amateur dramatic society? Their requirement: Free (or very low cost) Windows OS To be used to index costumes Take a photo of each costume and then classify under a range of headings eg: Which production(s) used in What it is (eg...
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    Adobe Application Manager has not been my friend (and solution)

    I run LR6 (6.14) and get along just fine. However, I wanted to install a different Adobe product on trial (nothing to do with LR) and that is where it all went wrong. The product installer (latest, off Adobe website) helpfully told me that my OS was far too old and that it would have to...
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    Detecting bit rot experiments and jottings

    I've been doing some experiments on detecting bit rot. One problem with a backup is knowing when it is needed. For archival photographic images and data, this is effectively an open-ended time period. So, some kind of consistency checker might be useful. This requirement is different from...
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    C-19 topic. Incident and reflected light meter, basics 101

    Having suggested some topics to fill the long days ahead (in the UK we have all just been told to self-isolate for the next three weeks at least) here is a starter for ten on the basics of the two types of light meters. This is intended to promote discussion. It is not an advanced treatise on...
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    C-19 and topics of interest

    Hello all Building on the topic raised at the end if this thread Camera presets disappear after import to Lightroom.: I was wondering if, with the current situation keeping us at home, it might be appropriate to start some threads on various topics of interest. Acknowledging that 'Perfect...
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    Athentech Perfectly Clear - anyone with experience, good/bad?

    'Evening all Does anyone have recent experience of Athentech? Here: Perfectly Clear - The Award-Winning, Photo-Editing Software It is a one off $129 with a free trial for 21 days and is intended to run an automated analysis of raw images to do the initial adjustments. It is a LR plug-in...
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    End of Adobe subscription software in Venezuela

    I see US sanctions have resulted in the ending of subscription model software from Adobe in Venezuela. "Users have until October 28 to download content, after which accounts will be deactivated, Adobe said. " (BBC news) Can happen any time to any country and will apply to all US subscription...
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    W10 search seems endless for LR export folder

    A recent W10 update seems to have caused some bug in the automatic Windows indexing of my LR export folders (which are usually jpegs). The green progress bar slowly advances across the top of the window doing some kind of something, and on reaching the end it sits there. There is no...
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    Room lighting - LED?

    Does anyone have experience of switching to LED lighting (near daylight colour) for the room in which they run LR? Ie, the light source falling on the computer screen. If so, good, bad, things to watch out for? TIA
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    Are notifications not working?

    I'm not getting notifications at the moment. I haven't had any for a few days now. I have checked both my settings here (which hadn't changed) and the junk folder of my email. Is there a problem? TIA.
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    Using metadata/XMP files - where did I go wrong?

    I must be doing something really obvious wrong, but I can't see it for looking. LR6.14, Windows 10. I wanted to save the develop history of an image in an XMP sidecar, so exported the metadata (in develop, and yes an xmp sidecar was created next to the source raw file). As this was an...
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    AMD 2nd gen Ryzen threadripper 2990WX (and 2950X)

    Has anyone tried the new AMD threadripper chips with LR? As the 2990 presents 32 threads (and the 2950 16 threads) with sophisticated automatic significant over-clocking (given water cooling), these new chips look like they could offer serious advantages in bulk processing raw images, unless...
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    LR6 Applying auto-tone to more than one image at a time

    'Evening all LR6.14 Is it possible to apply the auto-tone command to more than one image at a time and if so how is it done? My workflow precludes applying it through a develop preset at import. I have tried auto-sync, but that doesn't work either. TIA
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    Using the DNG Profile editor at high ISOs (or not)

    'Morning all Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to use Adobe's profile editor at high ISOs? I am finding that the noise level causes the auto feature (chart tab) to fail, it comes up and tells me that my grey isn't grey enough. If I move the four targets around slightly I can...
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    LR6 Develop presets, what does the "+" mean?

    'Morning all I'm sure there is a simple and obvious answer to this, but I can't see it for looking (or searching). What does the "+" mean on the end of the name of a Develop preset? TIA
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    Copying spot removal (for dust bunnies)

    Operating System: N/A Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6.13 Can anyone enlighten me on how to apply spot removal corrections to multiple images? Specifically I want to get LR to use the spot removal locations to multiple images so as to disguise the tiny dust spots on the...
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    LR 5.7.1 Blocky image at 'fill' in Library but not Develop or other magnifications

    I have an image that stubbornly displays as a blocky, ultra low resolution image when in 'fill' scale, but only in Library module. In Develop the image jumps to a correct resolution display. Selecting 1:1, or any of the other scales is just fine. Clearing all caches, restarting LR etc. etc...
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    Practical image size limits

    1/ Does anyone know the practical image size limits in LR5? I have LR5 and opened an image of around 3G pixels. Apart from LR having weird display problems prior to the actual import process, once loaded LR ran fine, it was fast and responsive, using around 3.5GB RAM. However, it was not...
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    Import Metadata to Catalogue LR5

    Apologies if this is already covered, but after a searching I haven't found it. I have around 250 developed images in another catalogue on another PC. My main catalogue already has all those images imported into it as these 250 are a small subset of a much larger shoot. I have exported the...
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    Export to jpeg, what date/time does 5.7.1 use?

    I have noticed that LR5.7.1 uses two different times for the image creation time, with a difference of 11 seconds depending which EXIF block it is in. The source (original) files have the exact same times everywhere (which are correct), so for some reason LR is adding 11 seconds (younger) to...
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    Subtracting a grad effect LR5.7

    'Evening all I have forgotten (or have never discovered) how to subtract the effect of a coloured grad filter effect. I have added an adjustment of the area I want to 'remove' from the grad, but I can't see how to put in the minus of the colour of the grad. Could somebody remind me, or offer...
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    How to crop to a given aspect ratio

    Hello Search as I can, in Develop, I can't find a way of seeing the crop data I need. Using 5.7.1, I want a group of photos to have the exact same aspect ratio crop. This ratio is not the original image ratio, nor is the size of the crop the same for each image, but the resulting aspect ratio...
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    USB and W10 (and a solution)

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place. A little while back (eight months ago say), W10 did an update that stopped my USB3 card reader from working smoothly. After much to-ing and fro-ing with the card reader vendor I gave up and bought a new USB3 card reader. So far so good. It just so...
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    Rotate crop and image

    'Evening all Am I missing something obvious? How do I rotate the image and the crop? I have an image with the camera at 45 degrees to horizontal. I want to crop square and then rotate both back 45 degrees, to end up with a diamond. (Yes I can fix this outside LR in a moment.) Thanks in advance
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    A few minor develop questions

    'Evening all I'm still using LR 5.7 1/ When using the clone/heal tool, how do I make LR use the developed version of the source image? I was trying to eliminate a tiny bright dot and had the source set to a dark area, but nothing happened. Eventually I realised that LR was using the original...