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    Lightroom and Dropbox

    I've tried to relocate the complete Lightroom folder from the "~/Library/Application Support/Adobe" folder to my dropbox folder and place a symlink or an alias instead but this crashes LR big time. Also, adding a symlink or alias for eg the invariant camera profiles from the Dropbox folder to...
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    Setting directory names on import

    With LR2 I could double-click the directory names in the import dialog (I'm using date-based folders) to add e.g. the location to the date. Is this no longer possible in LR3 or am I missing something?
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    Creating a development preset with a crop

    Am I missing something or isn't it possible to create a development preset for a specific crop. When I try to add a preset I can select a whole bunch of adjustments but Crop is not one of them.
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    Looking for a book about African mammals

    For our upcoming trip to Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia I'm looking for a field guide style book about mammals for those countries. I have Watching Wildlife: Southern Africa (Lonely Planet) and Field Guide To Mammals of Southern Africa (Chris & Tilde Stuart). The former has some information on...
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    Small watermark annoyance

    I have a nice watermark image that has the proper dimensions for my resized images with my logo and text on a semi-transparent bar to be placed at the bottom-right corner of the image. However, this must be done manually compared to the alignment options we have for textual watermarks. As the...
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    Merge to Panorama doesn't work

    I've a number of files I would like to merge to a panorama but this doesn't work. Also "open as layers" doesn't work but a single file is opened correctly. I've killed the preferences, restarted LR2 and PS, disabled all plugins but none of this helped. In the edit menu I see entries for Adobe...
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    Strange paging behaviour with "Show unread posts"

    When I click on "Show unread posts" and there are multiple pages I get the following behaviour: When I directly click on "page 2" and I get the threads displayed on the second page, this is expected behaviour. If I first open some of the threads in a new window/tab and then click on "page 2"...
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    Bookmarking threads?

    With the old software it was possible to use bookmarks to keep track of interesting threads. I've looked around but couldn't find anything similar in SMF, or am I missing something?
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    Mark all as read

    When you show all threads with unread posts and it spans multiple pages, pressing "mark all as read" will result in an "empty" screen. If only a single page is available, pressing "mark all as read" will show the list of forums. The "empty" also happens with a single page but very irregulary...
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    LR2/Mogrify showcase

    Here is an example of using LR2/Mogrify to watermark some images. I've used the following settings: LR2: sRGB mode, JPEG, 9'%, 8'' longest edge, standard screen sharpening Mogrify: apply PSD watermark, sized 8''x6''
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    New look is nice

    Hi Ian, Congrats on the upgrade of the forum. It really looks nice, kudos!
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    Automator script for running NX2 from LR2

    I use Capture NX2 on a regular basis and would like to automate the workflow I have now: - select a NEF file in the library - show in Finder - edit the NEF file with NX2 and save the NEF and a new TIFF file with the adjustments - import the TIFF file in LR2 I've made a simple shell script that...
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    Web preview not updated

    After generating a web gallery using Airtight SimpleViewer I get a "Loading" message in the preview pane when I select a new collection that has not been processed before. The message stays put until I switch to a previously processed collection. Now switching to the new collection does render...
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    XMP extraction from DNG files

    Is it possible to extract the XMP information from a DNG file? I have a set of DNG files that I want to replace with the orginal NEF files (better integration with NX2 that way) but I want to keep the edits I've made.
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    Using Capture NX2 from LR

    I'm quite pleased with the results I get when using NX2 on the more difficult raw conversions compared to LR. However I don't like the way the integration is done with the intermediate TIFF file. Is there some script I can use instead of NX2 that will: - strip the -Edit tag and change the...
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    Anyone care to order LR2.0 upgrade for me?

    As the upgrade price in the US is only $99 and here in the Netherlands it is 119 euros I was wondering [if it's possible to] buy the upgrade in the US [instead]. I know about the taxes we need to pay here in the Netherlands but why do we need to pay more than double ($99 is about 58 euros) for...
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    Renaming files with external edits

    I have (without thinking of it) renamed a bunch of files and some of these files were edited in Photoshop. The files now have the same name as the other files (date + custom text + sequence number) but the "-Edit" is lost. Is there a way to get the "-Edit" back again and avoid it for other...
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    Conversion of NEF to DNG

    I have been converting my NEF files to DNG and there are some things that are bugging me: 1. When the conversion of a single photo fails, the process is aborted. Is it possible to have the conversion continue with the next photo? 2. In the metadata browser many of the converted DNG files are...
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    Catalog import and metadata

    I've just returned from my stay in Australia and I'm trying to import the LR catalogs I have on my laptop into my main catalog. The import itself is not a problem but all imported images have the "metadata changed externally" icon displayed. Is this correct? And if so, should I force the...
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    Best LR/Mogrify workflow

    I've recently discovered LR/Mogrify and I really like this plugin. But I'm wondering how people here are using it. My own workflow is: LR settings: - save as 8-bit TIFF, sRGB - no resize - no copyright notice - maintain EXIF information LR/Mogrify settings: - resize to 784 pixels max using...
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    Multiple imports to the same directory

    Is it possible to have LR auto number files correctly across multiple imports to the same directory without having to specify the start number for each import? I have several CDs with scanned images from the old film days but they are not in the correct order (1 CD per role of film) and would...
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    Use TIFF or PSD for external editor (CS3)

    Until now I've been using TIFF as format for external edits in PSCS3 but I wonder what would be better, TIFF or PSD? Any opinions on this, or suggestions?
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    Back from Kiwi land

    After 6 weeks touring New-Zealand I'm again back in Australia for a few weeks until I go home to the Netherlands. I must say I'm glad I went to NZ as it is a very beautiful country with way too many photo opportunities and we would still be busy when we would have stopped at every spot. I'm...
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    I'm off...

    to Kiwi Land (New Zealand) for a few weeks so you all behave while I'm gone :cheesy: And yes, I hope to get some great shots while I'm there and will post these here for your enjoyment.
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    Incorrect image used in develop module

    The situation: I've shot about 26' images of a thunderstorm and selected some of the images and put these in a collection. Used the first image in the Develop module to create a crop mask and synced this in grid mode to all other images. The problem: As I need to adjust the position of the...