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    radial filter no longer shows outline

    I updated LR this weekend and when I use the radial filter instead of the familiar dark line with handles, I only see the effect I set (exposure increase). If I hit O it shows the mask but I can't really control the shape of the mask. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Corrupted disc where most recent lrcat's were stored and problems reinstalling after I uploaded one from 2018

    I could use help sorting this out and not doing more damage. I'm going to try and organize the problems and sequences clearly 1 I couldn't load a catalog and went to the most recent backup and installed it. Not noticing that is was december 2018 not 2020. 2. I than went looking or a more...
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    LR will only upload some of my pictures from a shoot.

    Hi Last night when I was uploading pictures from a shoot, LR would only show the previews from part of the shoot . When I tried to open one of the shots not previewed, it said it couldn't load those pictures. I had previously upgraded to v7.5 so i reinstalled 7.4 with the same result. I then...
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    creative cloud app won't update lightroom.

    Hi, I discovered when I tried to upload photos from a new model fuji that I needed an update to lighroom. no problem on the laptop but creative cloud won't update. I went to the creative cloud app and it refuses to open. what's the best way to go about solving this. I assume I'll have to...
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    My primary drives files are not reflected accurately in the library module but are everywhere else

    I'm bewildered. My library module doesn't reflect the drive contents so I can't access my pictures. My primary drive is coded: E:Lightroom pictures/2017/ 20170404NewYorkstreetshoot. Now the library module displays only one year and not all of the shoots. The drive still lists everything in...
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    Problems recognizing drives with a new computer

    hi, I bought a new desktop updated the catalogs and reattached the old 2t drive (f) There are two new larger drives 3T that weren't recognized. I imported a few pictures to one of the new drives (E) and there it was. My problem is that it did not import the pictures into a sub folder nor do...
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    some basic lr cc questions from a newbie

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have been using lightroom since version 1. Here's my list of questions that I could use some help with. 1. Having upgraded to lR cc is it licensed for two computers (desktop and laptop) like the previous versions. 2. I have a new desktop coming soon. Is there a...