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    Optimal Speed

    Look to configure Lightroom 5.7.1 for optimal speed. Here the current system layout System: Intel i7 processor, 32mb memory, Windows 7, dual 1200x1900 24" LaCie monitors Internal Drive C: ESATA 6gbs, 500gb Solid State Drive, with OS, programs, Lightroom catalog and Cache (sized at 100mb) there...
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    Monitor not matching Prints from Lab

    Lightroom 4.2. LaCie 24" wide gamut monitor. Weekly monitor calibration using Spyder3Pro , software version 4.0.2. Calibrated to D65 2.2 120 specs. Exporting finished prints to Photo Lab for printing. Reguesting no color correction. Exported as JPEG, 100%, Adobe RGB. Images sizes are more...