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    How recover a deleted Blurb book from a Lightroom backup?

    I accidently deleted a Blurb book. I have the photos but it will take a long time to recreate the books pages from scratch. Is there a way to retrieve the Blurb Book from a Lightroom backup and place it into the current catalog so that I can almost pickup where I left off. Is the Blurb book...
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    Can't Import

    I'm a very experienced user of Lightroom Classic and i CAN'T IMPORT ANY IMAGES into Lightroom ! I haven't needed to import any images for several months, but now I can't import anything from my camera, the cards themselves or from my hard drive I have been using LR for over 8 years and have...
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    Image Sizing in Export is inconsistent between sizing the long edge with Inches versus Pixels

    When exporting a portrait to be used as an attachment in email.....I discovered that the the two methods of sizing the image (using inches versus total pixels for the long edge) yielded files that were different in appearance. For example, when I created an export file using 432 pixels (6...
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    Moving LR on Win XP to new new PC with Win 7-64 and new drives

    I want to move several LR catalogs on 2 HDDs and one external drive (on my old XP PC) and consolidate them on one new drive on a new Win 7-64 PC. I want to physically put the 3 drives in my new PC and export the catalogues to a new and empty catalog on the new C: drive, but I am concerned that...
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    Suddently can't drag and drop into a collection

    I've been dragging and dropping into collections since the beginning of Lightroom and today it won't work. What could I have done to make it stop working.