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    Merge catalogs to new master

    After working with lightroom since v2, I've got to get my photos organized and use lr the way it should be. Originally I was converting the nef's to dng on import and changing the name. That works, but only if you continue to use to same method, something I did not do. After 4 years of exploring...
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    Use Lightroom and Aperture

    Am going to get an 21.5 Imac w/2tb drive and will add extra 8gig ram, would like an ssd, but apple's prices are way to high, might diy. The question is, I'm thinking about getting Aperture, I used the demos of aperture and lightroom, but wanted a laptop and the macbook was/is just to expensive...
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    Kinda lightroom/ipad question.

    Recently gave my wife an ipad for our anniversary (need all the points I can get), and while there is a certain "cool factor" to the ipad, I'm finding a few things frustrating. After the initial setup, I haven't had much time on the ipad, my wife has turned into a "facebook" junkie. 1. being...
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    Lightroom and ssd

    After reading some recent posts, thought I'd share my upgrade to ssd and lr3.2. Started with a Kingston 128gb ssd and replaced a 54''rpm hdd. Instead of doing a clone, the sdd comes with hardware and software to do this, I did a clean install from the recovery dvd that came with the laptop (had...
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    2.2 update disc burning disabled

    Hi, Just installed 2.2 update, seems okay except when exporting jpegs to disc, get the message "Disc burning is not supported by Lightroom on this computer. It has been disabled." This was not an issue with 2.1, nothing changed or installed, just the update. Art