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    If I hit the + reply to thread button one more time when replying to a post.....

    Its very very annoying. I sit there and type out a reply. My eye sees the big + REPLY TO THREAD button at the top left of the window (as that is what I am doing), rather than the small one on the bottom right with white text on a pale blue/grey button, and I lose what i have typed. Now I will...
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    SmugMug replacement that won't penalise me for printing in the UK?

    All I want to do is syncing with an online site that also allows printing in the UK. I have been waiting for SM to introduce UK printing for a while. Now they have, but I have to upgrade the to the top level account to get access to it! just not worth the money. I keep looking and looking and...
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    New Mac Pro, please support... Finally forced me to join
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    Choosing a preset changes my profile

    I am going through a B&W phase at the mo. Just noticed that when I use one of LR presets it changes the profile from the Vivd one I love so much back to the standard Adobe one. Not sure whether LR3 did this or not. Does this mean I have to resave each preset as a user preset to make sure it...
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    LR4 importing jpg but not nef

    Hi, just tried to import my first card since upgrading. Seems the jpg go in fine, but the import window doesn't even see the nef ( I keep both files separate) I did find someone over on the adobe forums who has the same problem, but no fix. Any one here have it? Cheers.
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    LR CPU Pegging

    I run a Pro with two quad core cpus and dual screens on a Nvidia 8800GT card with 512MB. I have posted before about all cores pegging out when using LR for things like cropping. Sure, turning lens control off helps a bit, but it still is a major PITA. Well, it looks like tonight I have just...
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    confused by new forum titles

    seems a simple to understand system has become complicated for some reason that is beyond me. where do i post a question about performance of my computer with lightroom 4 running on 2 monitors compared to 1 monitor? I would have put it in general discussion; for the life of me i cannot see...
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    Which new Nikon for me?

    I have a D300, which I am very happy with. The only thing that has me even thinking about a new camera is getting better low ISO performance. I will use upto 800 without problem, but don't like going above that, unless I really have to. I am nothing more than a happy snapper, who has some nice...
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    What CM level do you calibrate your monitors too?

    What CM level do you calibrate your monitors to? Just thought I would do a re-calibrate as I have upgraded to Lion. Noticed that the value it came back to me for my brightness was only 50 CM; now I do have a fairly dark room but this seemed too low. So I tried again with a value of 90cm, but...
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    Flash Glare

    Hi, I have a whole load of people shots that I have taken with the flash. When I look at the jpg the faces seem much warm than the raws, which seem to to show the white light of the flash on the flesh. Any tips of what sliders to slide to help tone it down and get the warmth of the jpgs...
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    Adobe PS Apps available for the iPad now.!5800305/time-to-get-your-photoshop-touch-ipad-apps
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    Mac Keyboard Skins

    All they need to do is add one for LR:
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    PS: Adjustment layers, masks and not working

    Howdy, I am dipping into PS to help out with some images. I *thought* I knew what I was doing, but something is going wrong. I am adding an adjustment layer for levels, then switch to brush and start to paint on to the image, using quick mask to see the area in red. Then, when I go and...
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    Scanning advice

    Hi, I have just taken delivery of a shiny new Epson V700, with the purpose of archiving someones photo collection, ranging from B&W from the 30s up to the 80s. I have tried using the Epson TWAIN driving inside PS CS5, but that just crashes too often. So now I am trying the Epson as stand...
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    Epson V750 Pro scanner, or A.N. Other

    Is this good enough for doing a shed load of scans for someone? They are after very good quality, so the price isn't an issue. Couldn't seem to find any new products, that model is 2 years old!
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    Wacom Large cheap at amazon

    I was just about to go get a medium from Amazon, only to discover that the sale has moved from the medium to the large. The large is only £15 more than the medium. I know that everyone says that the medium one is the one to get so there is less arm movement, but I cann't help but want to get...
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    LR Control App for iPad has landed
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    Importing by date

    Hi, I have a load of photos on a very slow storage unit. I want just to import the ones from 2010. Is there a way to add this option to the import screen please? Thanks, Simon. ps. I am currently having Finder find all files with the file name containing 2010; I was then going to copy them...
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    Curtsey of Mr Rockwells RSS, I have been playing with this photo site; for me much better than Flickr, and offers more (on the free account) than smugmug.
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    I thought that I understood about dpi

    But it seems I don't! I use LR for my photos, but export certain ones to iPhoto.I have been exporting at HD resolutions, at 1''DPI, as I thought the largest I would be displaying would be on a TV. I have now just discovered the Order Print feature in iPhoto, and want to make the most of...
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    Keyword List - Filter for two keywords?

    Thought that Google would have given me the answer for this, but not.I cannt seem to find a way to add two keywords in the filter box, it seems to only want one; have tried commas and AND. Does this mean I have to use one keyword in the filter box, then use the text bar at the top of the grid...
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    Spiking CPU

    Hi, For the last week or so LR has been quite sluggish for me.For example, when I am in developer, and choose crop, I get the beachball for a second or two, then when I try to grab the handle to change the crop, I have to wait another 2 or 3 second for it to become active, so I can move it...
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    File Info not showing on second monitor

    Morning, Yesterday the file info (shutter speed etc) stopped showing on my 2nd monitor.I have tried J K I and holding down the command key, but cannot get it back. I also tried the menu options; all they seem to do is show the file info, on Loupe, on the 1st screen, not the second. What am I...
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    Dynamic Range

    I have just read a fascinating article in OP about dynamic range, and how to use it.So I have been playing, and have some questions. As you lot are, mostly( :) ), forgiving of stupidity, I thought I would post them on here. My D3'' has, rounded up, a range of 9; 4 above and 5 below.Do I have...
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    Lens Correction = Voodoo Magic?

    And so I have found this innocent little box called Enable Profile Correction. Wow. And thats from someone who has played with content aware fill! It seems that it pushes out the centre of my pictures and lightens the corners.I am amazed that some lenses need so much. Is there anything I am...